Thursday, March 31, 2011

DC Direct Monitor and Anti-Monitor

Before I went nuts on those Mattel Brave and the Bold toys, I was (laughs) in the middle of showing you some of the DC Direct Crisis on Infinite Earths action figures- Battle Armor Lex Luthor and Robot Brainiac, to be specific. I want to get back here and follow up quickly on the other two.

*Series One Monitor

I got this guy so cheap- about eight bucks (shipping included)! He was a major player in the story, but valued less than the more popular characters in the line. He does look like a freak, but makes a FUN toy.

From Wikipedia:
Thirteen billion years ago, the multiverse was born due to tampering with the creation of the universe by Krona, a scientist from the planet Maltus who was attempting to see the beginning of the universe. As a result of his actions, an infinite number of parallel universes were brought into existence side by side, separated only by minuscule vibrational differences, none of them as strong as the single universe that existed earlier would have been.
Monitor was born on Oa's moon, apparently as the living embodiment of all positive matter universes. One of these universes was composed entirely of antimatter, and on the moon of Oa's counterpart, Qward, a hideous mockery of life was born from its very soil, a being that would come to be known as the Anti-Monitor.

After a one million year battle across the dimensional barrier left them unconscious for nine billion more years, Monitor and Anti-Monitor were awoken as a result of a scientist named Pariah, hence began the story of Crisis on Infinite Earths. I'd recommend this to trade to anyone; it drones on and on in parts, and some of the dialogue a little dated, but it's certainly epic. Crisis on Infinite Earths was just from a different time, and you need to open your mind and allow for that when reading a comic book or anything from a previous generation- you'll enjoy it more if you do :) Read Saranga's post at New Readers to help you out with all the Crisis titles in the DC Universe- it can be a little confusing.

*Series Two Anti-Monitor

I was really jazzed to get this guy- he's great! The articulation is limited, but his sculpt is really great! Like Robot Brainiac, he's about 7 1/4" tall, and heavy.  Making relatively few appearances in the DC Universe, Anti-Monitor was being rebuilt by the Sinestro Corps to act as their "Guardian of Fear" in Tales of The Sinestro Corps, which I just read! Exciting!

I can't think of a more seminal tale of good versus evil than the story of the Monitor and Anti-Monitor... told in many ways, among many cultures, the titanic nature of the idea translated in a unique way within the realm of the art comics.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman!

It's time for another episode of Hey, Mr. PostMa'am here at The Super-DuperToyBox... yes I said PostMa'am, because in reality the postal worker who brings my toys is an Attractive Blonde- I swear! But that's neither here nor there- let's take a look inside this tantalizing pile of parcels, m'kay?

*Mattel Brave and The Bold Proton Smash Atom! Yes, more of what you'd expect with my recent madness for this line of 5" figures from Mattel. I love The Atom (Dr. Ray Palmer) a lot more since I read Blackest Night and Identity Crisis, both deep stories that featured this character- I knew little or nothing about him prior.

*Mattel Brave and The Bold Skiff Ripper Black Manta! I have a Mattel Retro-Action Black Manta I love! What an evil looking villain! Badass!

 *Mattel Brave and The Bold Grapnel Claw Batman! Freak said I didn't need any more Batman figures from this line- Baloney! This figure kicks ass in his grey camo and has a killer accessory!

*Mattel Brave and The Bold Sky Shot Batman! The Ultimate: my long-awaited "Green Lantern Batman". I've wanted the DC Direct Green Lantern Batman for months, but always get outbid on eBay, and I'm not gonna pay the $50.00 to $75.00 asking price he goes for elsewhere. Bubba turned me onto this guy awhile back though, and I have to say, it rocks! I am in Toy Heaven, Friends  :D

* Justice #1- #12 (DC, Oct. 2005- Aug.2007) I've been wanting to read this  since I finished Kingdom Come -Alex Ross is a great artist, and the story was good too. It got ripped for being derivative, but what comic book isn't, really? I don't read them to be enlighted; I read them to be entertained!

I hope you opened a toy, bought a toy, got a toy in the mail, or at least saw a cool toy today, People- because that makes for a FUN day. I'm certainly having fun, because that's what it's all about here at The Super-DuperToyBox. Before you go though, I want to remind you:

*Lighten up a little- don't be so serious. Turn off the bad news! Life is meant to be enjoyed- get out and see some people and have some laughs.
*Take care of yourselves. Eat some decent food, get some exercise, and get outside at least once a day and get some fresh air.
*Take care of those around you- you owe it to them.
*And of course, Play With TOYS and HAVE FUN With Your Life- you might only get this one to enjoy!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Total Armor Stealth Blast Rocket Batman

Now let's take a closer look at that Mattel Total Armor Stealth Blast Rocket Batman I scored yesterday.
I've been calling these five inch figures, but they're really about 4 3/4", by the way. I bought this one mostly for the color- that and I'd only seen about four or five of these in the immediate county, so I decided that if I wanted him, I'd better go ahead. I've gone back for one of these Brave & The Bold toys, only to find it already gone. And many of the stores around here have none- all the Iron Man & Spider-Man toys you can imagine, no DC *sigh*

"Black Manta is at his island hideout, concocting a plan to take over Atlantis.  Batman arrives on his Stealth Blast Rocket, transforms it into a mega blaster and joins forces with Aquaman to defeat the villain."  Yes, the mega blaster (laughs) fires a projectile, and that's cool. But I paid five more dollars for this guy than I did the Total Destruction Batman, and in my humble opinion, he's not nearly as cool. Total Destruction Batman is a deluxe figure, whereas Stealth Blast Rocket Batman is considered a playset. I'm not sorry I got him, but I'd recommend you save your bucks for the deluxe figures that have just as much play value and essentially the same amount of accessories.

Yes, Batman can carry the Stealth Blast Rocket on his back. Like any of us five inches tall, he has to lean into it a little...

Surf's Up!

I've heard some negative reaction to the hexagonal accessory slots on the limbs of these toys, but I doubt seriously that any child would find that unsightly on these cute, chunky toys. Children like to touch, manipulate, and play with toys- this is how they learn manual dexterity.They'll love them!

Stealth Blast Rocket Batman with Total Destruction Batman, Stealth Wing Batman, and Battle Sword Batman!

You'll be seeing more of these soon in The Super-DuperToyBox. They are FUN TOYS, and that's what I'm all about, Kids!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Haul!

Days off lately that don't include a band rehearsal or some other gathering can be somewhat hard to come by lately. And got a good tax return & free months rent for signing a lease on the apartment for another year, so I took advantage of a bright Sunday afternoon to run around and see what I could find  :D

1.) For my cosplay photos: a Green Lantern ring, thief mask, and Batarangs.
2.) Tales of the Sinestro Corps (2008, DC Comics).
3.) Mattel Total Armor Stealth Blast Rocket Batman.

I had some green Chuck Taylor's, a self-customized Robin hoodie, & leather gloves- and so last night it occurred to me that with a mask, I'd have a Robin outfit of sorts- so I cut a mask out of an old sock to (laughs) give it a whirl  :D. I had heard that there's going to be a dork convention of sorts here in STL this summer, so I wanted to fly my Freak Flag and meet some fun people. Then today, I found a green lantern ring, a real mask and some Batarangs. I already had a Green Lantern tee, so the writing was on the wall...

I had to pick up the Superman/Batman #82 they pulled for me at The Fantasy Shop, and found the green Lantern ring along with Tales of the Sinestro Corps. I really enjoyed the Blackest Night stuff I'd been reading, and Superboy Prime from Infinite Crisis as a Yellow Lantern- I'll enjoy that.

If you hadn't noticed, I've taken to the 5" Brave & The Bold figures. I found this Mattel Total Armor Stealth Blast Rocket Batman at Toys 'R Us- he's rad! There seem to be a shortage to any variety of these around the county... is no one re-stocking these? Empty pegs seem to be a regular occurrences around here' and by all reports, everywhere. We'd probably buy more if you provided, Mattel *sigh*...

I hope you got some time to HAVE FUN this weekend, People- it's a quality-of-life thing. Don't let that get away from you!

More Brave & The Bold Total Armor!

So I was nowhere near the neighborhood at a Toys 'R Us, in the middle of a freak-snowstorm tonight, and guess what I found? That's right: More Brave & The Bold Total Armor action figures :D

*Cyclone Shooter Red Tornado!
Like the rest of these 5" Mattel action figures, Red Tornado has hexagonal slots in his back, shoulders, elbows, and knees where his cyclone shooter or other figures accessories can be attached. Red Tornado is one of the figures from this line that has a jointed waist, like the B'wana Beast and Superman do...

*Trap Hand Plastic Man!

Plastic Man's neck extends and his elongated rubber arm attachment can grip around the waist of another figure, adding a lot of play value to this wonderful toy. FUN! Looks like Joker won't be going anywhere!

*Total Destruction Batman!
This puppy was a no-brainer- if offered the opportunity to purchase this toy, do yourself a favor and go ahead. This well designed action figure stands pretty well with his massive rocket attachment, which to my delight shoots the yellow missiles about five feet when the barrel is twisted counter-clockwise. Words cannot express how much fun this is. I've already attacked my unsuspecting roommate with it  :D

The new additions to my collection, together- well worth going out in the snow for! I know how to have fun on Saturday night, Kids :D  I'm thrilled with these things- the limited articulation is more than made up for by their personality and playability. I've been havin' a ball photographing them- their whimsical nature fits with both this blog and my whole philosophy of what a toy should be! I watched someones scathing video review of one of these toys last night, and he just didn't get it: these are made for children, and are to be played with. Cute and fun, their purpose is to entertain and bring a smile to your face- and they do that very well!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Total Armor Kryptonite Collision Battle Pack

I found this Mattel Total Armor Kryptonite Collision Battle Pack at Toys 'R Us this morning- I was so thrilled wuth the Total Armor Batman & Joker I scored last night, that I pulled out my wallet for some more Brave & The Bold. And this one had a Superman! Joy!

Here's Batman hammering on Metallo, whose Kryptonite heart is diminishing the mighty Man of Steel!

I bought this set for the Superman & Batman in it, which I really like- Batman with a giant sword is hilarious in my opinion! I love the whimsical nature of these toys- they are made for play and are FUN, like a toy should be!

Two of the greatest- two of my favorites! This Batman is a little more conventional that my Stealth Wing Batman, but shares a similiar armored dark, metallic blue torso. And I'm proud of Mattel for coloring Superman's outfit a few shades darker, giving him a retro feel. His little spit-curled head is beautiful! He sealed the deal for me!

Metallo the Evil Robot and his Kryptonite heart were a big disappointment though. I'd say the lack of accessories was a disappointment, but I think Mattel considered Metallo himself too be the accessory, because while he looks cool, he doesn't do much. I guess I thought he'd be more like an action figure, but he only has articulation in the right shoulder, left handgrip, and a sort of spring loaded bicep, that's shown lifting Superman on the back of the box. Hardly! His hollow, hard plastic body isn't even heavy enough to stay upright with Superman in his grip- I had to load Batman on his back to keep his right side down! I later read the back of the box: "Figures may not stand alone as shown" LOL! At the price of $22.99, they should have done a better job on this- Lame! A buck just don't go as far as it used to, and to be fair, I was too preoccupied with the Superman & Batman included to even notice that Metallo had virtually no joints. And that's a shame because he looks cool. The ball in his chest rolls around to expose his Kryptonite heart, but I would have rather had the better plastic body and hip joints. Adding insult to injury, he has the hexagonal slots at his knees, back and right shoulder, but they included no accessories! BooOOoo!

Let's take a look at Battle Sword Batman alongside Stealth Wing Batman... I love these...

And now the whole gang I managed to accumulate within just a few days. It's all JBoy's fault for sending me that B'wana Beast! LOL!

I have to say there is a lot to like about these- I'm 99% sure I'll buy a few more. They're hilarious and fun and super-cute! And I can't stop playing with them- that is the sign of a well-designed toy!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Total Armor Batman & Joker

So I was in Wal-Mart just this evening and found myself in the toy isle, as so often happens, and I happened upon some Mattel Batman Brave & The Bold action figures-  just like the B'wana Beast Jboy sent me recently!

*Kickpuncher Joker!

I love the sassy red suit and maniacal expression on this guy! The paint job and scuplt on the face is really exceptional. The hyper-stylization of these toys mimics the animated Brave & The Bold characters well, & really makes them look fun!

*Stealth Wing Batman!

The hex-slots in these 5" figure's shoulders, elbows, and backs allow you them to hold several weapons at once or mix & match. While simple, only sporting articulation in the neck shoulders, elbows, and hips (and in Batman's waist), they are equipped for playability. They are made for children and to be played with. And as I said before, the B'wana Beast JBoy sent enthralled me with it's simple charm- I couldn't (laughs) stop playing with it!

This Batman reminded me of the DC Direct Trinity Batman I got last year because of the goggles, posture, & coloring... he's a lot of FUN!

"Oh c'mon Bats- just let me borrow ONE of your rocket launchers..."

"... what? Why are you looking at me like that?"

And here's Batman & Joker with the B'wana Beast JBoy sent! Thanks again JBoy! ... do you work for Mattel and Hasbro? LOL!