Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hey, Mr. Postman!

More TOYS came in the mail today- WooHoo!! Now what could be better than that, Friends? More superheroes as you might expect...

10" Ben Grimm/The Thing from the Marvel Universe/Civilian Heroes series by ToyBiz (1998)- comes with a trenchcoat and hat! This fella is BIG and HEAVY... feels high-quality to me. He was $17.95 (shipping included in price). His KB Toys price tag said $11.99, marked down to $5.99!

9" Signature Series Marvel Legends Cyclops by Hasbro (2006)- very "Mego-esque" with his cloth X-Men outfit and yellow plastic belt. Cool! I liked this outfit better than the Famous Covers Series Cyclops, which is still a good version I might have to score someday. Got this toy for $11.58 (price included shipping)- not bad!

Well the day is now complete, save a couple of chapters from Marvel Essentials Hulk before bedtime... I hope your dreams are sweet and filled with wonderful TOYS! G'Nite!

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