Thursday, October 14, 2010

Make Mine Mini Marvel pt.1

Yesterday found me in an unusual situation- I was walking into a toy store, Toys “R Us to be exact. I wasn’t there looking for a toy for a niece or nephew, I was there looking for a toy for MYSELF. I had been online looking at (laughs) toys, and stumbled upon something that caught my eye at the Toys ‘R Us website, so I thought I’d just roll on down and check it out. I’ll just look…

I was looking for the Marvel Toys 3”mini Heroes & Villains online , and found them! The last couple weeks or so found me reading my old Marvel Comics, the Secret Wars series from the 80’s to be more exact, and I wanted some smaller heroes to compliment all the larger versions I’d been buying. They have no articulation being so diminutive, but I thought they were fun J I hope they make more!

A few quips:
-I noticed there were some scale issues- Daredevil for instance was noticeably larger than the others, nearly as hefty as The Hulk. And Wolverine was taller than Magneto.
-There was only one villain to four heroes in each five pack.
-The price was really steep. At $7.99 a package, I felt like they could have given me eight, then I could have had more villains.

Next: Up Close & Personal with Marvel Toys mini Heroes & Villains!


  1. I saw these the other day too. I like the look of that phasing Invisible Woman.