Sunday, October 17, 2010

Marvel Famous Covers, Dr. Doom- The Beginning!

Before I started the Super Duper Toy Box blog, I had already picked up a few of Mattel’s 8” Retro Action figures due to their undeniably Mego inspired design- it reminded me of my Mego World’s Greatest Heroes toys from the 70’s! I loved those! Unfortunately, Mattel holds licensing privileges to D.C. characters only, leaving me without so many cool heroes from the Marvel Universe.

In my search for dolls… er, umm... action figures featuring Marvel characters that are about the same size that feature real cloth outfits, I discovered the 9” Famous Covers line by ToyBiz from the 90’s. Thomas Wheeler’s “Flashback Review” of this line gave me good overview, but Alex Teo’s great TOY HAVEN blog gave me the close inspection I needed to decide if I really wanted to dive into collecting these guys. I can’t say enough about how inspired I was by reading about Alex and his passion for 1:6 scale figures. I was readying for some more reasonable, healthier life choices, and seeing Alex’s happy, toy-filled home made me see what a positive and fun hobby collecting these toys could be. His beautiful family, fun household, and infectious enthusiasm made me want better for myself, and believe that maybe I could write my own blog about toys. And like many of you who read, Alex instantly welcomed me here to this happy place where we share our love of toys, support of one another’s affection for them, and information about them. I firmly believe this has made my recent self-betterment program go more smoothly, and I want to sincerely thank Alex and all the rest of you for reading, cheering me on, and sharing your toys with me.

The first Marvel Famous Covers figure I bought was Doctor Doom, Reed Richards and The Fantastic Four’s armored nemesis. As I had said in an earlier post, I had been reading Marvel’s Secret Wars series from the 80’ again recently, and it was fun to receive Doom in the mail, and hold his three dimensional embodiment in my hands. I was really impressed with the silken cape and tunic ToyBiz outfitted this super villain with- luxurious I say! Doom’s rubbery armor actually hides an articulated body- unfourtunately this bulky outfit prevents him from holding most poses. Still, this is one of the coolest Dr. Doom action figures I’ve seen, and he’s a standout in this really fun line of toys. I only paid $15.99 for him (price included shipping), and he IS a beauty J  I love him!

-See Alex's thorough examination of Doom at TOY HAVEN.
-Mego didn't produce an 8" verion of Dr. Doom- click this link to how you can make your own!
-Read Victor von Doom's wiki page at


  1. THANKS for the plug and the kind words :> I'm really glad my blog was able to do what you say it did for you. I started it to share my passion but along the way have "met" quite a number of GREAT people and they have in turn become friends. You are one of those I would welcome with open arms into my home / toy museum should you ever visit Sunny Singapore!

    I love this figure too and I count as one of my favorites - my only minor gripe is the lack of articulation due to the 'rubber' outfit but still, one fine Doom! Make Mine Marvel