Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Self Betterment and New Things

It will have been three weeks ago today I began my self-betterment program- I cut all alcohol out of my diet, cut down on smoking cigarettes, and began my long overdue exercise regimen. I had been abusing alcohol for far too many years- in the art and music scenes it seems someone is passing you a drink every time you turn around, and the rock music scene can be even worse at times. I wasn’t feeling that great, needed to lose some weight, and wanted to clear my mind.

While a lot of people around seemed to be drunk all the time, a few close friends had began making more positive choices, and I was greatly inspired by this. It came very easy to me and I started feeling better quickly- I slept better/less, had more energy, and felt an all around better sense of well being. My body began to respond to my lifestyle change immediately as well, as I began to lose weight and gain muscle. If I knew how enjoyable this would all be, I would’ve done it years ago, but I guess it’s better late than never.

I also unexpectedly dove into collecting action figures, as I wasn’t spending money on alcohol, and then I started this blog J  If you told me this would all happen just a couple months ago, I would’ve laughed in your face.  So you see, this is a really special thing for me- something happy and new in place of what was an unhealthy situation before. And this realm of interest in toys is filled with some really fun loving, involved and engaged people- like YOU. I’m really enjoying this, and plan on keeping it going- there are plenty of toys living with me to write about now, and several more on the way J

Thank you to all of you that come to read- as I said before, I was pleasantly surprised at what a supportive and openly friendly group congregates here. I really appreciate that.
So remember: enjoy yourself, take care of one another, play with TOYS and have FUN with your life!


  1. GREAT post man, truly inspiring :) I think the first steps are the hardest and I applaud you for having the courage to turn it around. I totally agree with your last statement!

  2. Way to go! I have to say your blog is top notch, all the posts are awesome!

  3. Thanks guys :)
    I have been watching you both for quite some time now- long before this all started for me... it's really cool/surreal real to see you comment on my blog.

  4. Awesome and inspiring! Keep it all up - especially the toy collecting and blogging :)

  5. Good for you. It's always fun to find a new interest and maybe lose some old bad habits. I think you've got the right attitude about toys, too. They shouldn't be taken too seriously... they're meant to be fun. It's a slippery slope, though. First, you've got a drawer full of toys... then you wake up one day and the toys have taken over the basement, are falling out of closets, and are competing with your car for garage space. :)

    It's fun to see you rediscovering the toys of your childhood and enjoying the new hobby.

  6. Thanks guys-
    Yes Brian, I can see where this is going LOL, hard to stop the momentum once the boulder starts rolling. It was too funny seeing Chunky B's closet brimming with toys in his last post! :D

  7. Bro you made the right choice. Respect!