Thursday, November 18, 2010

14" Cosmic Power Galactus by ToyBiz

This is a good time to talk about my 14" Galactus by ToyBiz (1997) because I'm in the middle of Marvel Essential Fantastic Four, Vol.3.  I purchased this hefty opus back in October because I was looking into learning more about Galactus' herald, the Silver Surfer, who first appeared in Fantasic Four issue #48 (included in this compilation). And of course, who is not far behind the Sentinel of the Spaceways? Galactus!

A Silver Age Marvel character, the god-like Galactus travels across the cosmos consuming all the energy out of planets, rendering them withered and lifeless. When Ben Grimm's girlfriend Alicia convinces The Silver Surfer that humankind is worth saving in the dramatic trilogy climaxing in Fantastic Four #50, Galactus' faithful servant betrays him. Unable to destroy his beloved fallen angel, Galactus relents and leaves Earth, but not before exiling The Silver Surfer to Earth forever.

Galactus came with his box in very clean condition. Two AA batteries were already inserted for me, as well as two free issues of Fantastic Four (that's nice). For $32.90 (priced included shipping), I found this toy to be a good value- especially considering I've seen him go for anywhere from $50.00 to $150.00. Not bad...
I was SO EXCITED the day I got him that I couldn't stand it and opened him right there to play with him! He lights up and bellows "I HUNGER!"  I am entertained! I still take him out and push his button to listen to him talk to me almost every day, like a (laughs) little kid! I LOVE him- what a FUN toy!

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  1. Fun toy! Have you seen the massive one from the Marvel Universe line for sale at Toys R Us lately?

  2. YES! Video review link above... he is MASSIVE... wouldn't fit in (laughs)my toycase! Cosmic Power Galactus fits with only a 1/4" to spare :D

  3. Wow ToyBiz hit it out of the park with this one and very awesome rendering of Galactus.

  4. I love this bad boy. I have both the light up Galacti.

  5. Ok..
    You convinced me. I'm keeping him. LOL