Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hey, Mr. Postman! ...Marvel Legends Spidermen

I knew nothing about the two 6" Marvel Legends Spiderman action figures I scored on E-Bay a week ago, other than at the price of $5.99 and $6.99 they were pretty cheap- MOC they can go for upwards of twenty bucks or more apiece... sometimes a lot more. Frankly, I'm unsure of the Black Spidey's status as a Marvel Legends figure- he has neither a ToyBiz, nor a Hasbro stamp anywhere. With the way these character licences have been passed around, a fella can get confused! They came loose, so the play began immediately...

 They both came with stands: the "First Appearance" Spidey (2005, ToyBiz) has a really cool articulated stand that pegs into his back allowing him to "fly", and the Black Spidey (2001, Marvel Ent.) has a brick wall stand- both of these bases have a hole to affix to the wall with a nail, that's FUN.

They are spindly little guys with multiple points of articulation, the most incredible being in their tiny hands- Black Spidey can fold his two middle fingers into his palms, and all of First Appearance Spidey's fingers are moveable... never seen that before! I had a ball playing with them- these are FUN toys!

"C'mon Buddy, let's go play!"


  1. what a HAPPY couple :) i can see the bromance brewing haha

  2. Quite the pair, aren't they? LOL!
    Men in Tights :D

  3. You know I love, love, LOVE the Ditko Spidey design, but I've never seen a toy that can pull off the web-armpits right. I think cloth might be a mistake, though, since it looks like Pete stole one of Aunt May's shawls before going out...It does get cold, and he is such a frail boy after all. LOL

  4. it's a tough detail to simulate, isn't it? :D