Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hey, Mr. Postman!

I'll be straight with you, Friends: #1. this installment of Hey, Mr. Postman! doesn't involve the toys I got in the mail today, these came on Nov. 16th!  #2. My postman isn't a man at all, instead she's a rather attractive blonde beauty, I kid you NOT! In fact, just today this total babe delivered toys to my front door! What's better than getting toys in the mail? Having a hot blonde deliver them is what's better! LOL! Things get better by the day over here, Kids, I swear... Anywho, let's take a peek inside this parcel of FUN toys, m'kay?

Another mixed box from my  favorite E-Bay seller, Langes Sports- it's hard beat their great prices, fun toys, and combined shipping... I always make out great with them.

*D.C. Direct All Star Comics Superman. I know nothing of this very retro, "Re-Activated" Series 4 action figures other than I really enjoyed their styling, and I got them for cheap (about $5.50 each). I will have to investigate their origin at a later date....

*D.C. Direct All Star Comics Wonder Woman...

*D.C. Direct All Star Comics Hawkman...

*D.C. Direct Identity Crisis Series 1 Green Arrow- I've taken a new appreciation for Ollie, a fun and popular character in the D.C. Comics Pantheon. I haven't read the 2004 Identity Crisis series comics, but I like this action figure! I already had the D.C. Direct All Star Comics Batman to go with the other 3 above, so Langes was nice enough to substitute with this guy- great service!

*Marvel Select Dr. Doom by Diamond Select Toys... this Super-Duper toy has it's own throne... that's how great it is! He also has an interchangable hand with chalice, and a pistol! I got him for $12.95, a great value!

 All together with shipping included, this big box of toys was only $55.58... not bad at all, Kids!


  1. Dude! A hottie delivering you toys? Damn, brother, you are living the dream!

    You need to get all 'Scott Pilgrim' on her and ask her out next time ;)

  2. Ha Ha :D Can you imagine?? "Mr. Shaw, I have a... ahem, DELIVERY just for you..."

  3. 'Package for Mr. Shaw.'

    'If you give me your package I'll give you mine'

  4. BubbaShelby, that might (laughs) get me a slap in the face! :D

  5. ah, the superheroes, i'm been collecting superheroes figurines at the moment. cheap yet still looking awesome. ;-)P

  6. Some fantastic pick-ups and all delivered to you by a beautiful woman! Life truly is good. : )