Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Marvel Famous Covers Falcon by ToyBiz

Like Thomas Wheeler said in his Flashback Review, Falcon defied convention when as a relatively new Marvel character he was produced as Mego toy in 1974, and had only been Captain America's sidekick at the time of ToyBiz's production production of their toy in 1998. He first appeared in Captain America #117, 1969, was part of the Avengers, briefly joined the Defenders, and shared a title with Captain America, but only landed a four-part miniseries all to himself in 1983. Still, he has enjoyed employment and popularity through most of his career.  The man was also in The Secret Wars series that Mattel also produced an action figure for! Always around, this guy!

Born Sam Wilson, this son of a preacher man became a racketeer for the mob who ran by the name "Snap" after the traumatic murder of his mother. Essentially created by Red Skull after Snap's Caribbean plane crash, Falcon was given the ability to communicate telepathically with birds- a power Red Skull hoped to use against Captain America, who was currently hunting him down on the very island he found Snap. Now reverted to the noble Sam persona, Falcon teamed up with Captain America to defeat Red Skull instead- Hooray!! Black Panther later equipped Sam with his high-tech wings that allowed Falcon to fight crime flying in Harlem and across the world with Captain America.

Unique in the Famous Covers series by ToyBiz, Falcon's design features wings attached to his back that spread out when his arms are extended- pretty trick. This is a fun that Falcon's creators obviously worked on making as best as they could within the kind of production budgets constraints typical of a toy retailing at a lower price point. Ironically, he's pretty easy to land for pretty cheap on the internet- I lucked out grabbing him along with Captain America for twenty bucks MIB, but you can pick him up for $6.00 right now on Amazon.Com. My only criticism are the hard plastic arm bands encircling his wrist that attach to the wing: while part of the "wing-spread" mechanism, they are irremovable and restrict his movement somewhat. Otherwise, this is a colorful and fun toy!

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*Falcon's return in Marvel's Heroes For Hire, December 2010!


  1. Very nice looking Falcon and its cool to see him in toy form too.

  2. i can't believe this post went over like a lead balloon! yer the only one that liked it jboy! oh well, i also thought it was a fun toy :D