Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hey, Mr. Postman!

Yes Friends, it's time to examine the goods on another exhilarating episode of Hey, Mr. Postman! here on Super-DuperToyBox... Hooray! This package DID in fact arrive this very afternoon, prior to a triumphant day at work:

*Marvel Select Mark VI Iron Man 2 by Diamond Select Toys! While I've yet to see Iron Man 2, I DID see the first Iron Man just two weeks ago and LOVED IT! Naturally, the search for the coolest modern Iron Man figure my meager earnings could procure followed soon after. I plucked this FUN toy off Amazon for $18.92 with free shipping- I thought that was okay. I can hardly wait to open him!

*D.C. Universe Classics Wave 7 Iron... yes, D.C.'s own "Iron Man". I knew nothing about this character, and bought him because a.) he was on sale for $7.00 which pushed my Amazon order just over $25.00 to earn my free shipping, & b.) I just plain liked him. I liked him as art... his monochromatic paint job looks killer! Additionally, this action figure has die cast parts and a collector button- FUN!! I'm four figures away from having all the parts to assemble the BAF Darkseid in this wave! I preordered Mercury (also from the Metal Men) in November, as well... I just liked the look of him...

Well, I've had a kickass day Kids- what can I say? I gotta open up this Marvel Select Iron Man and inspect before some bedtime reading- Marvel Essential Silver Surfer, Vol.1!


  1. I see that you are getting some "iron" into your system haha noice buys XD

  2. Doh! LOL! Yeah, it partially just made sense for the free shipping, but it is kinda funny that I got an Iron Man from both DC & Marvel Universes... heh, heh :D

  3. I am Iron-Man! lol. Awesome pick-ups to sweet "men of Iron" for your collection. : )