Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hey, Mr. Postman!

I regret not seeing the postman coming by to drop this box of toys today, because SHE is actually a HOT BLONDE- I'm totally serious! I finally opened it tonight when I got home from work, and that made up for it...

*DC Direct 13" Deluxe Collector Classic Superman Figure! Been looking for this guy at a good price for awhile, since I lost an E-Bay auction a few months back actually. I was reflecting on how ridiculous his Superman's outfit is on the way home tonight... can you imagine what that looked like to someone in 1938, the first year the Man of Steel appeared on the scene? It occurred to me that I LIKE superheroes/villains that dress outrageously- the more ridiculous the better! I recently scored a DC Direct Martian Manhunter in the 1:6 scale- that alone is proof...

*DC Direct 13" Deluxe Collector Batman Figure! There is a differently styled, blue version of Batman DC Direct released, too. I like them both, but I thought this one was pretty bitchin'- he's a serious character, for a guy in tights dressed as a bat, I mean...

I probably won't get any toys for Christmas because I (laughs) bought them all for myself! The truth is that very few people in my real life know my secret identity, Super-DuperToyBox. I come here to get away from everything, and hang out with YOU... ya know, fun-loving people that love comics, toys, superhero movies, etc. I have been seeing that some of you have been getting toys for Christmas already, and you deserve it because you have all been very good boys & girls! Have a great one!


  1. Ironically, superhero costumes were probably less 'outrageous' to the eye of someone in the thirties and forties because they were based directly off of the colorful costumes of circus performers. The circus has long since fallen out of fashion, so the tights and capes etc are much more off the wall nowadays.

    And on another note - you gotta get that mail-girl's phone number - ask her out on a date, man!

  2. Wow, Bubba... I had not thought of that. That's a good point that I never would have thought of-

    No, I like the non-relationship with the mail lady. I wouldn't want to ruin it: she waves & smiles, I smile waving back... it's so nice & simple! :D

    Thanx, Saru!

  3. Yeah but 'nice and simple' could be so much more - gamble baby, gamble!

    Haha also, never go to Vegas with me because I will push you ;)

    But yeah, Superman was based on the 'Strongman' look of the circus - and Batman was created by tracing over a pic of Superman and modifying a few elements. Hell, Robin was flat out a circus performer! Superheroes are a pretty neat slice of mid-century Americana when you think about it. Which is a huge reason why I love them too!

    Keep rockin, and if I don't chat at ya beforehand, have a great Christmas!

  4. I don't know why I never thought of that, the circus tied to superheroes... they could relate on other levels as well, obviously- thrills & spills, tragic comedy, spectacle of performance, etc...

    I hope you have a nice Christmas with your girls, Man!

  5. Batman and Superman look good!

  6. Batman's my favorite of course. Supes just strong and invulnerable because he's an alien. Batman doesn't have any super powers, fights with gadgets and powers of deduction as well as his fists and is considered a superhero :) GREAT buys btw & lest I forget MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  7. That batman is sweet! I have always liked the black and gray costume. There's just something dark about it, and that fits the Batman mythos to a tee.

  8. I love that Bat-Man! And no Toys for Christmas? Maybe you will get that hot blonde post women instead. : )

  9. Have you get the supergirl as her face is pretty well done :)

  10. No, Des- I've not seen her up close, but she looks cool on E-Bay. I've seen her as low as $40.00...