Friday, January 7, 2011

DC Direct Reactivated Series 1 Batman

I wanted to stop here and show you some pictures I snapped of a  DC Direct Reactivated Series 1 Batman I scored on E-Bay some time ago. I opened him to photograph on some lonely night a few weeks ago, but never got around to putting him up here. This series was released in Nov. 2006, along with a Superman, Wonder Woman, and odd-bedfellow Lobo (?). In fact, this whole assortment is across the board, with a Golden-Age Wonder Woman, Silver-Age Superman, and a somewhat Bronze-Age looking Batman... and then Lobo ?? Their points of articulation vary quite a bit as well, Superman appearing to have the most.

I got him for not much more than six bucks if memory serves me correctly, and was getting an excellent combined shipping rate from one of my favorite sellers on E-Bay, Langley Sports. There wasn't a lot to the blister card he was on, but I just liked his classic looks... he reminded me of the Batman from my childhood with his blue & grey outfit, black shorts, and yellow utility belt. I had also grabbed a Reactivated Series 4 Batman, that is very similar but slightly more ... retro- I was going to say "more SuperFriends" styled, but they made those too!

His cape and belt are a softer rubber than his hard plastic body, and his boots have combat, waffle-stomper type soles for kickin' ass- I like that. I also like it anytime a toy company gives me a display stand- Thank You! There are some uneven areas in the cape's sculpt/moulding around the extremities, but nothing too terrible...

This particular 6" action figure has somewhat limited articulation compared to the DC Universe Classics I've been getting, but their are less breaks in the figure due to multiple joints also, so he's pleasing to  the eyes. He has no ankle articulation, and oddly, only one of his wrists swivels?? Batman has jointed knees but this movement at the hips is extremely limited, as is his arms at the shoulders. I love the head on this guy, and the way he can look up & down, as well as sarcastically cocked to the side- it gives him a lot of personality!

DC Direct has released a lot of cool figures styled after the characters in their featured titles and on-going series, as well as other themed series like the First Appearance and 1:6/13" line. DC Direct has released so many action figures from as far back as 1998/1999 that it would make your head spin, but I listed a couple sites I found somewhat helpful:

*DC Direct Action Figure Archive!
*DC Direct Action Figure Checklist!


  1. Nice photos... as always. I still really love your colored backgrounds, too. Wish I had thought of that! ;)

    The reason only one wrist swivels is that this figure is a repaint of the original Hush Batman figure. That figure had a swappable right hand... it could be a simple gloved hand or a hand holding a grapple gun. So, it looks like DC Direct just gave this guy the fist hand and then called it a day.

  2. Ahhh- thanx for the info, Brian! I'm glad I have you guys around to help me out with what I'm lookin' at :)

  3. Holy sweetness, Batman! this is one sweet batman!!!! I think you just poisoned me!!