Thursday, January 6, 2011

DCUC "All Star" Nightwing

I've been showing you a lot of DC Universe Classic 6" action figures by Mattel in the boxes as I'm (laughs) obsessively hoarding them, but have neglected to show you how much fun they really are when opened. Cal over at The Canadian Cave of Coolness said in regard to the DCUC line, that we live in The Golden Age of Action Figures, and that currently one may acquire a toy in decent likeness of nearly any comic book/action hero. I couldn't agree more, and the Four Horsemen have put out some great superhero toys of both well known and lesser known characters. These DCUC action figures have great playability with an impressive number of articulation points, the sculpts are good, and they usually nail the likeness of these characters. In a word, they are FUN...

This is an All Star re-release of the 2008 Wave 3 Nightwing. I have a couple or three All Star DCUCs coming in the mail, as well as an All Star Green Arrow and Renegade Nightwing caught in the wild. Two complaints: Nightwing's hands don't securely hold his Eskrima sticks, though I managed for the photos... I wonder if I could fix that? Also, there are some unsightly mold seams on the shoulders that look sloppy. I've also observed the blue on the shoulders has a varnished finish missing from that of the torso, yet the boots appear shiny as do the gloves- I'm usure if this is design or munfacturing limitation. Otherwise the paint is cleanly applied, if simple, and the likeness is satisfactory. He came with a small plastic base, which I prefer as opposed to a "collect & connect" piece to a figure I will never collect all the pieces for, Thank God.

If you aren't familiar with Nightwing, his name is Dick Grayson, also known as Robin the Boy Wonder- former partner of Batman. When he was excused from his duties with the Dark Knight Detective, Richard John Grayson assumed the alias Superman (his favorite superhero) used as a vigilante on the Kyptonian city of Kandor. On Kandor, a city shrunken down & stored in a bottle, Superman had none of his famous powers, and fought crime alongside Jimmy Olsen, who assumed the vigilante persona of Flamebird. No, I'm not kidding...

 Nightwing went on to patrol Gotham City's neighboring city of Bludhaven, working as a cop during the day, but returned to aid Batman and Batgirl when necessary.

The other DCUC Nightwing I scored in the wild recently is merely a repaint, but DC Direct released a twin-pack that included a version of his first costume that looks pretty disco if you ask me.

What a wonderfully FUN toy this is! I recently scored some loose DCUCs on E-Bay, including a Sinestro Batman and Hal Jordan Green Lantern, so you'll be seeing more of these babies soon!

* Visual checklist & reviews of the DCUC line at DCClassics.Com!


  1. GREAT poses & beautiful pictures :) simply lovin' it

  2. Very nice but i have a question. My Green Arrow figure came with one of those blue figure base which i prefer over the collect and connect too but why do they only have one peg instead of two on them? So you can pose them more maybe?

  3. i also noticed that JBoy, and i have no idea... still a mystery to me :P