Sunday, January 9, 2011

DCUC Wave 15 Sinestro Batman!

I have to admit that this particular DC Universe Classic action figure took some time to grow on me. When I was younger, I thought all those Batman action figures they made with the crazy outfits were preposterous- I had high esteem for the Dark Knight Detective, and dressing him in anything too far removed from his classic uniform was a perversion. This toy received a lot of criticism from collectors of this line by Mattel, as he has never actually appeared in a comic book. Though I bought him loose, I found through DCClassics.Com that Mattel threw a monkey wrench in our attempt to understand by stamping a Sinestro Corps sign over the top of his bio on his backing card!

It seemed to happen suddenly... I became obsessed with finding one of these, whereas before I was nonplussed. I think the color scheme of the Sinestro Corps uniform appealed to me, and preordered a DC Direct Sinestro Corps Arkillo a few days after winning SinBats on E-Bay, as I will never likely collect all the figures from the DCUC Wave 15 necessary to assemble their Arkillo build-a-figure. Some didn't like the clenched teeth on SinBats, but I DID like it- he looks evil and pissed off!

I was glad to get a button from the E-Bay seller, for which I was doubly grateful! COOL! I love these like a kid loves a Cracker Jack prize!

Sinestro Corps Batman comes with a yellow construct Batarang, which seems to hold on okay, but doesn't really snap into place as it seems it should... it's appropriate though.

I've said before that it seems like the more outrageous looking the outfit is, the more I like the action figure, and SinBats is (laughs) no exception! I got him loose for $12.06 on E-Bay (shipping included), which was totally worth it to me. I was thrilled when he showed up yesterday and had a ball taking pictures of him!

Which DCUC show up in the ToyBox next? There are (laughs) several possibilities, so stay tuned!

* Visual checklist & reviews of the DCUC line at DCClassics.Com!

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  1. I was not sold on this figure at frist but the more i see of him i like him.