Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman!

I actually ordered these toys in 2010, bridging the gap in my (laughs) 6" action figure obsession into the new year in true Super-DuperToyBox fashion! The DCUC fascination continues at a fevered pitch...

*DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Martian Manhunter! I can't say enough about how obsessed I am with J'onn J'onzz- I'll just let my past posts on this guy do the talking. As with a lot of past DCUC waves, I was certain I'd never see one of these in the wild, being so far past the release date. I bit the bullet & got the cheapest one I could on E-Bay, only to find him at an off-the-beaten-path K-Mart for about $10.00 less. Ugh!  Lesson learned: be sure to exhaust all possibilities before buying off E-Bay (laughs)! Still, I love him... he has a variant figure that I wasn't that interested in...

But before Martian Manhunter arrived...

On New Years Eve there was a note from the post office explaining I had a package to pick up with postage due- Denied! Luckily, the Amazon seller graciously refunded the $3.95 extra postage, reinforcing my strong faith in humanity...

*DC Universe Classics Wave 6 Mr. Miracle! I just read about Mr.Miracle, super-escape artist, in Final Crisis (DC, 2008). A relatively new superhero, artist/writer Jack Kirby created Mr. Miracle in 1971. This is one of those action figures I bought purely out of fascination of ridiculous costumes... well, that & also that I already have his variant figure from this wave, Dr. Impossible... I like the tall-collared capes!

Up Next: DCUC Hunting Around Town! Stay Tuned!


  1. wow, i'm still saving for the upcoming toys...hohohoo

  2. I'm not too into the DC Universe, but that is a nice looking figure. I'm more with Marvel, and I always think that Vision is Marvel's Martian Manhunter, even though he's an android, but that's besides the point.

  3. Ahhh- I LOVE The Vision! I have A LOT of Marvel Famous Covers dollies by ToyBiz, including a Vision that I really love... need to post some more of those. I like DC and Marvel equally, and have a lot of comics/toys from both- too many good heroes from both sides to pass up!

  4. ha! i'm still waiting for some 2010 figures to arrive...xmas post slowed things down, but it's fun when items turn up after a while...i surprise myself sometimes!

  5. I have always thought that the Martian Manhunter was way cooler than Superman but the guy still does not get the love he should get.

  6. Debs, I'm still waiting on a preorder, too... REAL excited!