Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman!

Imagine having an entire rainy Tuesday off work and receiving a parcel of toys & comics in the mail... that's what it was like being ME today! Hooray! More loose DCUC captured at E-Bay...

*DCUC Wave 7 Blue Beetle/Ted Kord

*DCUC Wave 10 Robotman

*DCUC Wave 11 John Stewart Green Lantern

AND... I also got a package of comics today, which is a good thing as I am going through them like a kid goes through a bag of licorice:
*All Star Squadron Vol.3, No.28 (DC, Dec. 1983) The Spectre Vs. The Justice Society- Bitchin'!
*The Spectre Annual No.1, "Lost in Memory" (DC, 1995) Team up w/Dr. Fate!
*The Spectre, No.38 (DC, Feb. 1996) Check out that cover! Brilliant!
*Moon Knight Special Edition, Vol.1, (Marvel, Nov. 1983)


SURPRISE! Double Bonus Edition of Hey, Mr. Postman!
As if life wasn't good enough today, the UPS guy dropped off ANOTHER action figure! Gets better over here by the minute, Folks- I swear!

*DCUC Wave 11 Superman!

More pics of these guys later- gotta go for now!
* Visual checklist & reviews of the DCUC line at DCClassics.Com!


  1. Getting packages is indeed sweet, especially when you have the day off. Nice haul! I would have to say, the Moon Knight comic is my favorite of the bunch. He is one of the coolest, under used characters in the Marvel Universe.

    Now that I see you showing the comics you've been getting, I think tonight's the night I get to cranking on that first "My Favorite Covers" post. :)

  2. I'll be looking forward to seeing that, Jason!

  3. That Blue Beetle is superb! Also did you know Robotman's skull cap comes off to reveal his brain? It may take some nudging, mine was on real tight, but it will come loose.

  4. yeah, i saw his "brains" :D
    was NOT originally interested in Blue Beetle, but he grew on me! A SUPERB action figure!

  5. Am wanting one of those Ted Kord/Blue Beetles myself to go along with my Question the wife bought me. Do they have a Captain Atom in that scale too? I want to reunite the Charlton Action Heroes lol.

  6. Yes you CAN get a 6" Atom action figure! You can get a really nice DC Direct First Appearances Atom for cheap right now- they're all ovef E-Bay currently

  7. Super D is that the Captain Atom in his original costume or his updated Sliver Age one or his DC Comics version?

  8. No, it's Silver Age, I believe- though DC Direct made a 2-pack Golden Age Atom:

  9. Ok cool Super D i will go and check it out and thanks. : )

  10. Those DC figures are gorgeous. The photography is stunning too. Did you take those yourself? I would love to have the whole classic Doom Patrol and the Metal Men...so iconic.

  11. Yeas, thanx Kal- I shoot my own stuff. I have two of the Metal Men: Gold & Iron. They are REALLY cool