Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hey, Mr.Postman!

Ran into the beautiful doll who brings me my toys again on this sunny Saturday afternoon- so pleasant, always somethin' nice to say- what a blessing! Makes my life better, I swear! Enough with the Tom Jones lyrics, let's get on with it:

*Marvel Select Stealth Iron Man by Diamond Select Toys- Now I'd been eyeing this guy for months, and finally found him for so low that I couldn't pass him up... $13.44 (price included shipping). I have a few of these Diamond Select toys and they are just beautiful- some articulation is sacrificed for aesthetics, but they sure are purdy!

*Blackest Night Series 8 Orange Lantern Lex Luthor by DC Direct! I know Mattel is gonna release a version & I don't care- this one looks superior to me. DC Direct lacks a lot of the articulation that Mattel provides, but they make some of the most artful action figures in the world. Three cheers for this Bad Ass! Hip Hip Hooray! I have seven of these Blackest Night series, and I am thrilled with them...

*Series 1 Justice League Sinestro by DC Direct. One of the best looking Sinestro action figures I've seen, I caved and bought him when I found him for $10.55 (price included shipping). I'll admit that I want a Sinestro in the yellow corps outfit, but I resent the inflated price he's going for currently. No way! He comes with a personal massager mega-rod (tee hee hee) that I'm unsure Sinestro ever used in the comics! Funny stuff...

*Green Lantern Classics Wave 1 Manhunter Robot by Mattel. Never saw any of this wave at any of the many retail establishments I haunt locally- Thanks Mattel! Nevermind, I got him loose for ten bucks- so there. Often described as a "Plain Jane", I thought this one was great! I am absolutely thrilled to have him- all kinds of toys for all kinds of folks I suppose...

And finally some new reading material....
*Green Lantern: Blackest Night & Blackest Night (DC, 2010). I would bought these in paperback, but I wasn't gonna wait until July (Damn!). Luckily, these hardback graphic novels were only about sixteen & a half bucks each w/free shipping at Amazon (only three bucks more than the tardy paperbacks). I have been dyin' to get these, and am very interested!

This post turned out kinda Green Lantern heavy, as my collection has become as well lately, huh? I realize I'm being fed images of more GL merchandise as the hoopla surrounding the yet to be released motion picture gets deeper by the day, but I first became interested in the character before they painted the uniform on Ryan Reynolds chest for the movie (gimmie a break!). I got into Green Lantern when I read Darwyn Cooke' DC: New Frontier (DC, 2004) a couple months ago. I loved the back story & evolution of Hal Jordan's journey from war-traumatized test pilot with a death wish to  heroic, galactic policeman. Well done, I say!


  1. Some nice looking figures for sure i did the Lex Luthor. : )

  2. That Manhunter is a pretty cool looking figure!