Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hey Mr.Postman!/DCUC Wave 13 Blue Beetle III

I knew things were gonna be good when this glowing blue package was found at my front door this afternoon, and upon opening it I found one of the coolest DC Universe Classic action figures made, Blue Beetle III...

This version, the Jamie Reyes Blue Beetle, was my first introduction to Blue Beetle- I saw him on Batman: The Brave & The Bold animated TV show a year ago, and thought he was a great character! I have a DC Direct First Appearance Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle I (laughs) still haven't opened, but saw this one loose for cheap on E-Bay, so...

I sure like this one- the job they did on his wings is great with the transparent blue plastic, and I like the addition of the hand weapon. His pissed off, teeth-clenching visage is worth the price of admission alone, I say. I love his spindly little body and detailed outfit sculpt- this is a FUN toy!

The E-Bay seller sent the collector button along with him (Thanks!), featuring a portrait of the second Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, which Mattel also created a version of for the DCUC line. Jaime Reyes became the Blue Beetle after finding the lost mystical scarab which fused to the boy's spine overnight, giving him control over the alien powered suit.

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  1. Congrats on BB my friend and am wanting to get the Ted Kord version myself sometime.