Saturday, January 15, 2011

Toy Organization

As fledgling as this toy collecting endeavor is, my constant accumulation of toys meant that I had to reorganize again. Too large to contain within my glass display case, I had to face the fact that this collection grown way past the initial fascination into a full-time obsession  hobby. Observing some of my fellow bloggers go through this seemed almost absurd a few months ago, though I had been thoroughly warned of this coming day. I still keep toys displayed in the living room area of the small 2 bedroom apartment I share with a pal, but have now managed to contain most of it in my bedroom & walk-in closet. A New Year's resolution that actually came to fruition!

I got these fun & colorful plastic storage drawers on clearance at Big Lots & Wal-Wart within the last couple weeks- today I finally threw a bunch of old junk that had accumulated in my closet out, and moved these babies in place...

Cleared out the shelves above as well, that now provide storage for some of the boxes that my more deluxe dollys action figures came in...

I configured some old wine crates my roomo found into a temporary shelving unit to hold comics and a bunch of unopened DCUCs a couple weeks ago. In the other corner of my room the computer is situated, creating the perfect headquarters for the Super-DuperToyBox...

A closer peek into the glass display case...

As I said, the glass toycase is full of dollys deluxe action figures right now, but I may just rotate the collection in and out of the case periodically- the reclaimed space and plastic storage drawers in the walk-in are close at hand, yet contained out of sight and out of the way. Perhaps at some point in the future I can get another glass display case if I ever get a bigger place.

OH YEAH... almost forget to mention- I got a small parcel of comic books today, just in time as I had read all I had...
Robin: Year One, #1-4 (DC Comics, 2000) This looked like a lot of fun, and purchasing the four separate books used, as opposed to the compiled graphic novel, was cheaper as it turns out...

As with a lot of comic sellers on E-Bay, there was only one flat shipping rate of $3.95 for as much as you want to order, so I picked up The Spectre, Annual #1 (DC Comics, 1988)... it's a team-up with Deadman!

Well, I feel like I accomplished a lot on my day off, and I've got reading to do before bedtime, but before I go I want to share some online goodness I found this week:
*New Readers...Start Here blog! Very interesting to me as I had been away from comics all my adult life until recently and have missed a lot.
*A great post, "Should I Open The Toy", at OpenTheToy blog- I really liked this!
*My fellow blogger BubbaShelby's interview on Random Acts of Geekery! I told Bubba it's good that we aren't neighbors, as we'd never get anything done! His Toyriffic blog is a regular stop for me, and Bubba was one of the first to step up and make friends when I got started here. A swell pal, for sure! I had been watching his blog for some time before I decided to start Super-DuperToyBox.
*Hilarious video blog featuring odd Darth Vader swag by Reis O'Brien on Hey, Look At My Toys! I look forward to watching these every week, and get a kick out of Reis' masked, off-the-cuff delivery. Watching him get cracked up at the absurdity of some of the toys makes me laugh  :D
*And last, but not least, I submitted Super-DuperToyBox to Blogged.Com and was accepted with a rating  of  6.0/"Good". I have been working on this blog for three months and my traffic has increased a lot lately, getting anywhere from 60 to 100 hits a day. I'm unsure if being accepted on Blogged.Com is a real accomplishment, but I figure the extra exposure can't hurt- I'm always looking to make new friends with similar interests. All in all, things are moving right along I'd say.


  1. am right with you on this - storage IS a problem! i collect loose vintage figures OUT of the box, so that helps...i also have a passion for smaller 3 3/4 inch figures too, but nevertheless, it's frightening how fast one storage box becomes five boxes! i even wrote a squidoo lens about the storage and display of vintage action figures

  2. GREAT organizational skills :) it's always nice to know that there's room for MORE haha

  3. Love your toy collection and set up and maybe my collection will be as great as yours someday Super D. : )

  4. Ahhh, nice link Debs! Thanx!
    Room for more, Alex, yeah- :D

  5. Thanks for the shout-out man!

    as for Robin Year One - that is a great read! One of my faves. Batgirl: Year One is better though - read it too!

  6. Very nice organizational skills! If I had a bigger place, those drawers would be ideal. I don't have much room as it is, so can't get that organized just yet. I also liked how we were able to see some of your setup as well as some display pics.

  7. Great job! I am doing the same thing right now. My problem is I want to display everything I have, but there just isn't room for it all. Very cool to be able to see how you have your items displayed.

  8. That is a great looking display. Puts the Cave of Cool's set up to shame. I have to repost those pictures I have once I get a new cord for my digital camera this week.