Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10" Deluxe Edition Beast by Toybiz, 1994

I gave you a peek at this toy about five months ago, but just now got around to photographing him properly.  Boy, does he love the camera- large & colorful with a lot of personality! I have several of these 10" ToyBiz action figures from the 90's, and while they lack the sculpt, paint & articulation details the toys of today possess, I find them charming and fun. Beast is one of my favorite of these- he's a big, dumb, loveable toy!  I got him for $14.04 (price included shipping), a pretty good deal. ToyBiz made a 5 1/2" version as well, nearly identical to this one, so be sure what you are looking at if you're buying.

His accessory/truncheon has a suction cup at the end of it's chain in case you want to hang him from the window, and his hands are curled so you can hang him from anything else. Beast's body is made of a hard plastic, his head from a softer rubber. Like I said- not a lot of paint application but I love how they implied his "fur" with stylized  ridges in his extremities. He's really bulky and adorable- I love him!

Dr. Henry Philip "Hank" McCoy first appeared in X-Men #1, in 1963. A world-class expert on biochemistry and genetics and mathematics instructor at Charles Xavier's School For The Gifted, Dr. McCoy possesses apelike strength and agility, superhuman durablity, razor-sharp teeth & claws, as well as a humorous wit. One of my favorite X-Men!

Here's a couple photos I snapped of Beast with my 6" Marvel Legends Scarlet Spider to give you a sense of this wonderful toy's sizeable girth:

Well that's swell- looks like they get along just fine!


  1. I think my younger cousin had this one and he was a KayBee toys special as we got it for him there on the cheap if i recall and they had tons of these scale figures.

  2. HOLLY SH*T that's a big toy!

    Sorry for not replying to the comment you posted on my blog. Pinkie is a silly name :P I probably had watched Beauty and the Beast before but I would have been a little kid since last so I couldn't remember it but I did watch it recently. Oh yeah and I wrote about the comic I got: http://eatsomecherrypie.blogspot.com/2011/02/young-justice-cartoon-comic-issue-0.html

  3. VERY nice! love the skeletor blue...looks kind of like ted danson, don't you think? ;-)

  4. Nice. I just wish somebody would release an original-appearance Beast. I remember as a kid having an X-Men (or Marvel) annual that had a Kirby cover with Professor X's head in the centre and the first line-up X-Men leaping off the page. I've always had big feet(!) and as a kid I used to wish *I* was Beast, simply because of that illustration.

  5. Nice! I'd like to get a few of these larger Toy Biz figures. As you said, it's not like the toys of today. There is a certain charm to them, and this figure is one of the better looking ones. I think I have a smaller Iron Man and a carded Apocalypse(from The X-Men line).

  6. Wow- you are all so talkative today- looks like Beast is quite popular (he is adorable).
    lok: i wish someone would make one of those too- actuallu, i'd like ALL the original X-Men, Marvel Legends-style
    Debs: Danson? maybe... ya know, i found K. Grammer to be an EXCELLENT Beast in the movie!
    jboy: yes, at the end of their retail run you could get these for practically nothing- my Ninja Rogue has a K-Bee tag marked down to $5.99, though she hasn't appreciated much, like my Black Panther.
    Jason: I was eyeballing that Apocalypse for awhile- NICE! I'd love to have a big version
    Rouise: thanks for bring my attention to your report- nicely done! Keep writing/showing us what you are reading-

  7. Yeah, when I saw they'd announced the First Class movie I originally thought it was going to be the proper line-up and got excited at the prospect of spin-off toys...

  8. The thing I remember most about his smaller counterpart back when he came out, was that this was one of the first instances where the toy design was almost dead on to the character in the comics. Big Beast also looks great, though I'm curious if he has the spring action jump that the 5" did (somehow I doubt it)

    And it's STILL a creepy pick with Spiderman lol

  9. Nah- no spring. It would have to be a BIG spring- he's heavy! Creepy?! LOL! I thought they were cute :D But that's mainly for size comparison--