Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cullen Bunn Signing at The Fantasy Shop!

It was a pleasant crowd down at The Fantasy Shop last night for Cullen Bunn's book signing, celebrating his new work in the Batman/Superman title, "Sorcerer Kings" (#81-84). Cullen has done work for Marvel before, and graciously answered my questions about what it was like to work for a big machine like DC Comics, a gig he landed through publisher of his work on The Sixth Gun and The Damned, Oni Press. Working for DC went pretty smoothly the first time, Cullen said, and he even pitched them some other ideas for the Batman/Superman title in the future. The humble, young author is so optimistic about the way things are going, as well he should be, that he recently announced the resignation of his day job in order to focus full-time on his writing career. I'm rooting for you Mr. Bunn!

Cullen with Fantasy Shop manager Scott Samson...

Mr. Bunn signing comics for the fans...

I had to break my 28 Day Challenge vows of buying no toys or comics for the month of February to pick up a copy of Cullen's first job at DC Comics, folks- it was official Super-DuperToyBox business, and I hope you'll give me a "pass" on this indiscretion. I was not going to go to the signing and (laughs) not buy a copy of the man's hard-earned accomplishment! Without choice, I also paid ahead for the guys at Fantasy to pull a copy of the other three continuing issues of "Sorcerer Kings"- don't look at me like that, I need to read the whole story! 

I was genuinely intrigued the opening to Cullen's mystery, and the artwork was great too. The Batman/Superman title is fun , Cullen explained, because of the stand alone stories that only span a few issues, allowing a fan to step in without having to know any of the past past issues' continuities. There are a host of other DC characters involved with Batman & Superman costarring the title as well, making it a fun romp through the DC Universe. Visit DC Comics page on issue #81 of Batman/Superman...  I highly reccomend you pick this up! I will surely be grabbing some more of Cullen's work in the near future.

My autographed copy of Superman/Batman #81...

The Fantasy Shop 
10560 Baptist Church Rd
Saint Louis, MO 63128 

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