Friday, February 18, 2011

DC Direct New Krypton Brainiac

The DC Direct New Krypton Brainiac! He came from Mike's Comics & Stuff in Anaheim, California. Mike's got the best price on these, and his personal service is top-notch! Like Superman from this series, Brainiac has swivel joints at the tops of his boots, his biceps, as well as his wrists and neck...


Brainiac is, of course, Superman's nemesis. Responsible for shrinking down the capitol city of Krypton, Kandor, as well as Metropolis in order to restore his home planet of Byrak, Brainiac has been a thorn in Superman's side since 1958 (Action Comics #242) . He's gone through many reincarnation through out his history, the green-skinned android has been updated yet again here- the diodes upon his scalp remain, but most of the pink from his original outfit was removed for the New Krypton action figure/character design. At 7 1/4", he's a head taller than Superman, Brainiac is a worthy adversary of the Man of Steel.

*DC Direct New Krypton Superman!
*DC Direct New Krypton Superwoman!


  1. This figure just looks awesome to me for some reason. : )

  2. he IS pretty awesome- Brainiac looks better than before, when he was dressed for a tennis match :D

  3. Yup and all he wanted was a decent pair of pants too lol.