Monday, February 7, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman! Also: FREE FREAKY TOY!

In accordance with the 28 Day Challenge, I still have purchased no toys yet in February, yet they (laughs) keep coming in the mail! :D  Got two cool action figures today:

*Marvel Legends Series VIII Man-Thing by ToyBiz! I saw a Man-Thing comic in the barber shop when I was a lad that really freaked me out, so I picked this guy up on eBay for just under twenty bucks (price included shipping). The detail, 37 points of articulation, free comic & trading card make him quite a prize- in a word, he's Bitchin'!

*Marvel Legends Nemesis Series Daredevil by Hasbro! In 2007, Hasbro took over the Legends line, and ToyBiz was renamed Marvel Toys, merging with Marvel to prop them up as they declared bankruptcy. This is the variant Daredevil, donning his original yellow & red costume, which I like a lot, very retro-looking. I kinda went Legends-Crazy at the end of January, and got this guy on E-bay for under fifteen bucks, shipping included- a much better price than some were asking. Some eBay sellers are crazy- you'd think they never looked to see what it really goes for... maybe they get lucky, I dunno. He's a beauty!

Didja read all that crap to find about the FREE FREAKY TOY? Excellent. My pal Tom Freak is having a contest at his funny & cool toy blog, Freak Studios: ENTER FOR FREE! I keep Freak Studios on my "Blogs of Note" here at Super-DuperToyBox, so I can always keep an eye on what he's lookin' at, you should too- please take a look at all those blogs on my sidebar while you're at it- they make my life better!


  1. That's a real nice man-thing you've got there.

  2. That Man-Thing figure looks awesome. I've been digging how they've used the character lately in the pages of the Thunderbolts.

  3. Man-Thing looks awesome! Yet another i must add to my wanted list thanks to you Super-D lol.

  4. Daredevil was a great figure to include as the line died. Nice score!

  5. He's fun! Cracked him open the other night :D I heard they had plans for a comeback with this line...