Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman!

At the risk of driving my pal Bubba stark-raving mad, for the second day in a row after taking the 28 Day Challenge, I want to share some toys received in the mail. These were purchased in January, and I warned you that I had some stuff on the way, so this is (laughs) fair game. The Midwest blizzard did not stop my local post office for even a day, and for that I'm grateful. As promised I have purchased no toys or comics in February, I have cleared out my watch-list on E-Bay, and I WILL stick with the agenda.

*Marvel Legends Series 2 Human Torch by ToyBiz! I found this for under fifteen bucks (price included shipping) on E-Bay after Johnny Storm croaked here recently. While a lot of people were celebrating the poor kid's demise, I kinda felt sorry for him. Call me sentimental, but I recently read Marvel Essential Fantastic Four Vol.3, and while somewhat a whiny little bitch, Johnny was integral to the stories. And they'll (laughs) probably bring him back to life anyway- so get over you happy-self. I had been hunting some Marvel Legends down lately, and while I have a cool 10" ToyBiz Torch, he doesn't have near the articulation this puppy does...

*New Gods Series 1 Darkseid by DC Direct! I have been on a hunt for a Darkseid since I read Final Crisis, and finally found one of these for a decent price, MOC. Sometimes if you wait long enough, you get lucky. I've had an passion for DC Direct figures for a few months, but lately it's become an obsession. I hear all the crying about scale issues, limited articulation, and stuff... well I don't care. I may still be a little wet behind the ears about toys, and not as demanding as some hardcore fanboys, but maybe that's a good thing- at least I can enjoy myself a little. I LOVE this toy!

*Crisis On Infinite Earths (DC, 1985- Compilation TPB, 2000) The DC Universe can be a confusing place, and according to New Readers...Start here!, a lot of the mess was sorted out here. I'm really excited about all the graphic novels I have to read this month!

So you can see quite plainly, I need to take a month off from buying toys! Aside from being financially responsible, I want to take a closer look at some of these toys I've hoarded collected with you. I will tell you though, I still (laughs) have seven action figures that I purchased in January on the way, so... well, I'm sorry Bubba :D
Thanks for reading- I appreciate it!


  1. Hi. I actually own Crisis on Infinite Earths (I got my dad to get it for me for Christmas), I haven't really read any comics whatsoever but I really did like this. Although I later found out due to it be thirty odd years since that came out everything has been multiverse-ified(?) again. But I really like it and it was easy to follow even though I don't really know any of the characters.

  2. That is probably one of the nicest Torch toys i've EVER seen. You just need the other three now for the set, right?

  3. Oni- Not necessarily, LOL... i have a hulking, big Toybiz Thing from the 90's that is the Bomb, even has a hat & trenchcoat.
    Rou- you picked quite an epic for your first comic book :D And yes, reading Final Crisis recently had a lot of Multiverse confusion... seems they got that all back during the interim!

  4. It's okay - I'll live.

    Plus, I may have discovered a loophole. I'll keep you posted ;)

  5. Ha, you are making out like a bandit on this challenge my friend, and not complaining as well, good for you!

  6. I love that Darkseid! I keep hoping to run across either a Super Powers one or some other version such has this one cheap in my travels. : )

  7. Yeah, I was sick of having HALF the peices to complete the BAF Mattel Darkseid!:D
    The SuperPowers one, would be cool as well... if you see one, just buy it JBoy- buy it and don't look back!

  8. That is a great Darkseid figure. It's just so Kirby looking.