Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman!

Flirting with ridiculousness, for the third day in a row after committing to the 28 Day Challenge I received yet another action figure in the mail :D LOL! Again, this was purchased on January 31st, making it all fair & square. I have purchased no toys or comics in February- and I am determined to sticking with the agenda. Will I receive more toys in the mail this month? Assuredly I will: I bought the New Krypton Series 1 DC Direct figure set from Mike's Comics in California on January 31st, as well as two DC Direct Armory action figures off eBay that night, and had won a Marvel Legends Man-Thing earlier in the week... so I don't want anyone (laughs) calling foul :D 

*Justice Society of America Kingdom Come Superman by DC Direct! This series is modeled after the painted covers of the Justice Society of America series by artist Alex Ross. There are some other versions of the Kingdom Come Superman, but this is the best 6" scale that DC Direct made in my opinion. I've held out for the right price on this guy for awhile, and sure enough someone finally unloaded him on me for under $15.00 (price included shipping), MIB. Hooray!

Perhaps the Toy Gods are rewarding me for my commitment to not buying any toys during the entirety of February?? No, the simple truth is that my action figure hunting had reached a fever pitch prior to these deliveries, and before ChunkyBaloney had uttered the suggestion, I had pretty much already made up my mind to abstain for awhile. As I have been attempting to do more often in my life lately, I felt a little self-imposed discipline was in order.  Collecting toys and sharing with you the last few months has been a lot of fun- I am forever grateful for all of you who come to this happy place to read, comment, and offer encouragement. I know that might sound a little corny to some people, but let me assure you Friends- it means a lot to me. Thank You :)


  1. I'm getting the cold sweats over here!

  2. are you absolutely SURE you're not cheating? how many pre-ordered items are you lined up to receive this month? ;-)

  3. Poor Bubba is still going through withdraws.