Friday, February 25, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman!

Though I have managed to stick to my vow of  no toy purchases for the duration of the 28 Day Challenge, I've had so much coming in that I bought in January that it wasn't all that bad. then a couple days ago, some Mattel All-Star DCUCs I pre-ordered from Amazon way back in November started showing up!

*All-Star Batman- I like this black-suited Bats. This is a just a re-release of the Wave 10 DCUC Batman, an homage to the Michael Keaton outfit, which I wasn't originally keen on prior to the 1989 motion picture. I'm now quite nostalgic about it... nice accessories on this guy!

*All-Star Deathstroke- he was originally released all the way back in 2008 with Wave 3, and I was really stoked to see him re-released- such an awesome figure!

*All-Star Joker- Also released with Wave 10, like the all-black Batman. This Silver-Age version of the Joker couldn't be more of a classic, and generously accessorized!

*Wave 16 Mercury- my thrird DCUC Metal Men member- I love the red finish, which has a slight irredesenct sparkle to it. He's a standout!

I also recieved a Wave 16 Riddler that was missing his staff- I could only return, not exchange him for another because Amazon.Com didn't have any more. I waited nearly four months to get defective merchandise. So now I'd like to share an important piece of advice: preordering from Amazon may or may not be so great. They dangled a carrot in front of my nose ($14.99 each, free shipping, no tax), I took the bait, then they failed to deliver. And I'm still waiting on the Wave 16 Robin I ordered along with these. Some friends have recently shared similar experiences with me, so I know this isn't some isolated incident. I get some amazing deals on Amazon, and I won't likely stop buying from the other sellers there, but I'd rather give Mike's Comics n' Stuff my business, who will be handling my forthcoming DCD Brightest Day orders- I get more personal service & a fair price. DCUCs can be hard to find with any consistency in this town, and forget about getting any DC Direct figures. I met Mike on the Action Figure Blues Forum, and he takes care of us AFB members!

* Visual checklist & reviews of the DCUC line at DCClassics.Com!


  1. I appreciate the way you inform me of some figures that are out there. I just ordered the Deathstroke one since he is one of my favorite bad guys.

    Do you think they will eventually release an entire Metal Men set instead of making me buy them individually.

  2. I dunno Kal, but that's a good idea- a Metal Men set. I often wonder how long they'll keep the line going, but they seem to keep finding more to make :)

  3. Great haul Colin. Quite the spread. That Deathstroke is still my fave DCUC figure to date. That dude makes blue and orange look totally badass!

  4. All those figures are very nice. I especially like the Batman one. Is that a bat shaped computer accessory? Possibly a Bat-top compauter? :)

  5. it IS a Bat-Top computer- even folds closed when he's done with his detective work!