Thursday, February 24, 2011

Marvel Legends Daredevil by Hasbro

On a Marvel Legends kick at the end of this past January, I scored a good deal on this Daredevil by Hasbro. His modern, red suited variant had originally caught my eye, and while I know my enthusiasm for Daredevil's original outfit is not shared by all, I like this retro-cool version a lot!

He has an absurdly large number of articulation points, and the sculpt is meticulously detailed-  from the cloth folds in his costume down to the tread on his "waffle-stomper" boots. He's about as good as you could hope for in a mass-produced action figure- just great!

Above is Daredevil's profile in Five Fabulous Decades of the World's Greatest Comics: Marvel (1991, Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.). I bought this about 14 yrs ago in a used book store when I moved to St. Louis- it's a 287 page hardback full of Marvel history, stories, character profiles, art & memorabilia. I love the artwork in it! It's probably not the definitive, most up to date survey on Marvel, but it's a fun book to crack open now and again... something fun from days gone by I wanted to share. It was pretty popular, and I wouldn't be surprised if many of you have it.

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And... read about my 9" Marvel Famous Covers Daredevil dolly action figure HERE. Thanks for stopping by the Super-DuperToyBox- Play with TOYS and HAVE FUN with your life!


  1. that's a GREAT looking Daredevil :) one of my favorites, especially after Frank Miller took over the reigns and gave us his take on the man without fear

  2. That's a nice figure.

    I know there's a Marvel Universe 3 3/4'' original costume variant (TRU exclusive 3 pack) but it doesn't look anywhere near as good as that, even scale-issues aside.

  3. I love the Yellow and Red version of old horned head and this is one great looking figure.

  4. That daredevil is terrific. I am a big fan of that Marvel Legends line. I don't like figures smaller than that. They are just too insubstantial for me. Saw a few nice character yesterday but didn't like the small size.

    I have a used bookstore nearby and the owner puts aside books like that Marvel one for me. I love those comic book coffee table books. I learned most about comics that way. Even old time comics.

  5. I really like this figure too. Your photos really do him justice. He was a fun inclusion they snuck in at the end.