Thursday, February 10, 2011

Marvel Legends Skrull Soldier/Kree Soldier 2-Pack!

I got this Marvel Legends Skrull Soldier/Kree Soldier 2-Pack by Hasbro (2008) a little while back online for about $21.00. This is relevant to the situation because I am reading The Life & Death of Captain Marvel (Marvel, 2002), a compilation of Captain Marvel adventures from 1972 all the way to his death in 1982, reprinted from Marvel's first graphic novel, The Death of Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel was a captain of the Kree Imperial Militia, enemy of the Skrulls, originally sent to spy on the human race. When he realized he was being used with malicious intent, he became Captain Marvel, protector of Earth. This green and silver outfit is standard for a Kree Captain. The Kree soldier has a variant, interchangeable head and a small pistol that fits into a holster on a removable belt. They both have some pretty nice articulation with the double-jointed knees and elbows, and abdominal hinges, but the Kree Soldier has "latissimus dorsi" type joints positioned between his shoulder joints & torso that enable him to push his chest in and out- Impressive!

The Skrull soldier (the warrior Kl'rt) has a set of interchangeable arms, one manifesting his "Super-Skrull" powers, here a mix of The Thing's huge, craggy arms and The Human Torch's flames. He was given these powers  by his leader Dorrek VII to defeat the Fantastic Four and pave way for the rising Skrull Empire. He also uses these powers on the good Captain in The Life & Death of Captain Marvel, to no avail- the Kree champion of Earth kills him in a gnarly duke-out!

Here's something kinda fun: The Kree and Skrull pages from the Official Hanbook of the Marvel Universe series I had from childhood (1983). I dug this out of my old comics just for you tonight! Aren't you special?! Click on the pics to get a closer look:


  1. I just love this set of figures Super-D. : )

  2. they are FUN! I bought them for the Kree, but I have taken a liking to the Skrull- he's photogenic :D

  3. I really like how you display these figures. I get to see them played with without having to open the box.

  4. Ha Ha :D ...go ahead & open one onece in awhile... you won't hert 'em :D