Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Care Package from JBoy!

I've made a lot of cool friends through The Super-DuperToyBox, and most all of us get around to each others blogs to say hello, we trade toys, and we share in each other's triumphs in finding that special thing we've been looking for. I'd think it's fair to say that we all think of JBoy as one of our favorite fellows- his enthusiasm for what we/what he does never flags... and he knows intimately what toys/characters each one of us are into. While I was surprised at what a generous package JBoy sent me, I wasn't surprised at how each toy was something he knew I'd really appreciate...

*6 Hasbro JLA figures! JBoy knows I've been getting into JLA, and Martian Manhunter in particular- these are a ton of fun!!

*Hot Wheels Batmobile... JBoy knows how much I love Batman, and I'm really loving this sleek, modern version of his car. It's in mint condition, just perfect!

*Brave & The Bold B'wana Beast! Again, JBoy knows how much I love Batman, and I love the way they designed these toys for play... this is a hilarious character that will stay out on the desk 'cause I can't stop playing with it! LOL!

*DC Universe Battle Armor Lex Luthor & Superman! JBoy is more than aware of how much I love Superman and that I'm mad for Mattel's DCUC figures. He also knows that I've been working on a modest collection of Lex Luthor toys that until now did not include this totally rad action figure- Bitchin'!!

*Deathstroke Collector Button! I recently posted about a DCUC All-Star Deathstroke figure, and JBoy knows how much I love these buttons! Damn, that was like the cherry on top, Bro  :D

And that was just out of the kindness of his heart- that was just 'cause he loves toys that much. Like I said, I've met some great people on here, the kind of people that reaffirm your faith in humanity- people like JBoy. I can't say thanks enough for how much fun that was, Pal!  CHEERS!

*JBoy's Revenge from The Cosmic Ark blog!
*JBoy's Invader from The Cosmic Ark blog!

NEXT UP: More photos of JBoy's JLAs!


  1. That jboy is something else! Nice care-package, way to go jboy!

    That B'Wana is a particular standout - one of the top toys in my collection, he's just too cool!

  2. Am glad you liked everything Super-D. : )

  3. I love that B'wana figure too. He is such a great character. I love when z-level heroes get their chance to shine. Checked out jboys blogs. Pretty cool. I think I will have to add them to the Cave of Cool blogroll.