Friday, March 4, 2011

Show Me The Droids!

In addition to compliance with the recent 28 Day Challenge, ChunkyB also used his Jedi mind trick to convince several of us bloggers to photograph some of our favorite robot toys for a post at Eclectorama called Show Me The Droids! (how does he DO THAT??). My childhood stash of Star Wars figures were safely tucked away in my Darth Vader carrying case at Mum's, where they have resided for over for over twenty-five years. My brother & I destroyed a lot of Star Wars toys back in the day, including but not limited to: 1 Death Star playset, 1 Droid Factory playset, 1 Millennium Falcon, 1 X-Wing Fighter, 1 Darth Vader Tie Fighter, 1 Landspeeder, at least 2 Micro Collection playsets, and God knows what else escapes my memory... wouldn't I love to have those in mint condition today. But as my dear Mum says, we played with them. And we did have a lot of fun, especially with our Kenner Star Wars toys!

So in taking some shots of the few remaining droids that survived my childhood, I popped a few more- take a look...

Imperials with bounty hunters...

Jabba's Royal entourage...

Ewoks of Endor...

I have more,  too- including an original Hammerhead, Walrusman, and Chewbacca from 1978, as well as some Hoth characters. The case was packed! Some of you have some serious Star Wars swag, but I have very little really- the fascination sort of fizzled after childhood. However, the humble beginnings of this blog started with a 15" Kenner Darth Vader, so there ya go...!

*Action Figure of The Day is a blog I was looking at for a long time before getting back into toys this past year... great fun, full of Star Wars goodness!


  1. Applause :) You have more Star Wars figures than I ever did as a child haha - those really are a classic. so glad your mom kept them for you. mine were all gotten rid off as we grew older and supposedly out of childhood.

  2. Fun stuff - really brings back memories!

  3. I tip my hat to your vintage Star Wars collection, sir. :)

  4. My goodness. if only you did not "destroy" those toys when you are growing up. You would have more impressive collection esp the millennium falcon. From your collection, it seems to me that you are a more imperial person. No Stormtroopers?

  5. Loved your entry....good use of the carrying case! And I love all of these shots, too!