Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super Reading!

Some things I've been reading...

*Superman: Last Son (DC, 2008)
This was an interesting book that I read in one sitting. General Zod, Ursa & Non  Written by Geoff Johns and Richard Donner (director of the 1978 Superman motion picture), General Zod, Ursa & Non are the primary antagonists in the story, along with Bizzarro and Lex Luthor. I was surprised upon learning the origins of  the other Kryptonian child who fell to Earth... very interesting.

*Kingdom Come (DC, 1996)
Alex Ross paints superheroes with the blend of realism & fantasy usually found in a Pre-Raphaelite masterpiece- just beautiful! I found the story interesting as well- Superman and friends have to come out of retirement and right a world gone terribly wrong. Lessons are learned along the way, and Kal-El must learn that to be a man means that he must sometimes put aside being Superman. I really enjoyed this!

*Superman: Brainiac (DC, 2008)
I'm interested in reading the New Krypton series, and Saranga over at New readers... start here! suggested I get started with this. I haven't cracked it yet, but I probably will this week... nice lookin' cover on this puppy... kinda Alice in Wonderland, huh?


  1. Have you ever read 'RED SON' where Superman lands in Russia instead of Kansas? It's my second favorite Superman story next to 'Kingdom Come' (I even have a KC audio book done with full cast voices and sound effects - fantastic stuff). The way the world changes by that difference in a landing site is interesting and the ending can't be beat.

  2. I like how Superman is drawn on the cover of the Brainiac book. He looks slender and is not overly built.

  3. Last son is some sort of Reboot isn't it?
    The Brainiac cover looks nice too, I really like the way he's drawn on there!

  4. Well, it's more of a "re-imagining- I read Brainiac last night and it was GREAT! They drew Superman to look A LOT like Christpher Reeve, and ya know how I feel about that :)

  5. Kingdom Comes is one of those comic I love. I remember I got it when it first came out total of 4 books in the 1990s.