Friday, April 29, 2011

Deluxe Arrow Blast Green Arrow!

Now let's get back to some of those wonderful Brave & The Bold toys by Mattel thatI love so much. I'm talking about the "Snap & Attack" Deluxe Arrow Blast Green Arrow today- a toy I've been dying to open! There are so many great things about these action figures, including their colorful, fun packaging- I appreciate how illustrative it is on the verso... It makes you want more Brave & The Bold toys, doesn't it? Yeah, that's the idea...

I love a toy with a projectile, especially one with some distance capabilities, and Green Arrow's wheel-mounted crossbow can really throw one. The whole "Snap & Attack" tagline for these toys refers to their accessory interchangeability- no matter what your opinion of the hexagonal accessory holes on these toys, the fact remains that it was a genius idea. A child is not going to care about the holes, but they will have fun popping all the different parts in and out of these, very fun toys- and that's who they were made for, Fanboy. That doesn't mean, however, you can't enjoy their great design and playability- I sure do  :D

And now a little demonstration of Green Arrow's archery prowess!
Lights! Camera! Action!

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*Visit this GREAT Green Arrow page at ComicVine.Com! Good stuff, Kids!


  1. Where does he get all these FUN toys? That's another hit out of the ballpark Colin :) With so many great scores, you must feel like a winner now haha The Fortress of SOLID, dude is expanding by leaps and bounds, Super-D & we, your buddies are all lovin' it CONGRATS

  2. Thanks Brother! I am havin' a ball over here- I was really excited about making this post in particular! I love making those corny videos, and just put another one together tonight :D

  3. Excellent! Oh and Super D i spotted two "The Batman" figures today at the comic book shop...FireFly and The Penquin but i felt they were way over priced.

  4. I regret not having grabbed this one when he was easy to find. May have to track him down soon!