Monday, April 11, 2011

Deluxe Sky Shot Batman in Green Lantern Armor and Solomon Grundy!

I have had a major thing for Batman as a Green Lantern for months due to the ever-elusive, highly valued DC Direct figure of the said character. I have been outbid every time, and I refuse to pay what most shops are asking for it- ridiculous! Bubba introduced me to the Brave and The Bold version awhile back when he heard of my woes, and so when I became obsessed with this line by Mattel, he was one of the first I looked for online. He was much cheaper at twelve bucks, and just as cool! Interestingly, nowhere on the packaging does it say "green lantern", though in the online manufacturer description it does... ?? He clearly has the Lantern symbol on his chest, so I'm at a loss...

The "sky shot" accessory that fits onto his back shoots a projectile like a lot of toys in this series do, which I like- ACTION! You can remove the rudders from the back pack to affix onto the other hexagonal openings in Batman's appendages, as well...

Uh Oh! Looks like Solomon Grundy wants a shot at Green Lantern Batman!

...Not advisable, even for a zombie!

I scored Solomon Grundy loose on eBay a couple weeks ago, per Bubba and JBoy's recommendations, and I'm glad I did. He's a standout in this line, big and chunky with a cool tommy-gun accessory that fits securely into a small hole in his right hand! His hands swivel at the wrists- a nice feature that really adds a lot of zombie-like pose-ablility... these are two FUN toys!

While often an enemy to Batman and Superman, the zombie supervillain was first battled by the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott. Grundy proved himself to be a formidable foe, resistant to Scott as his body was composed largely of wood, a substance which the Lantern's powers did not affect.

More Later! Keep Having FUN With Toys!


  1. I'm LOVIN every one of these TOYS :) FUN FUN FUN. It's such a joy to view your posts. They bring a smile to my face everytime, super-D!

  2. Thanx Alex! I'm havin' a ball with these over here :)

  3. WOW..those are so sweet. If Alex is telling you the post are good then you know they are. He is the master.

  4. Sweet! You got Grundy and doesn't he look great and a perfect foil for your "Green Batman". : )

  5. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

    And thanks for the tip - I had never noticed that Grundy's wrists swivel!