Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hey Mr. Postman!

Well. I guess I don't have to tell you what toys my PostMa'am has been bringing me this week... yeah, that's right: more Brave and The Bold! Hooray!!

*Arrow Blast Green Arrow! I love this guy- Green Arrow has become a real favorite for me lately, reading all the JLA stuff  :)

*Kanjar-Ro! EVIL!!

*Sea Spear Aquaman! There is another deluxe Aquaman w/vehicle, but I wanted the original...

*Battle Axe Batman! I know I have several Batman variations from this line, but this one is the original blue and gray... and he has a battle axe. C'mon!!

*Proto Bat-Bot! Towering over the 4 3/4" action figures of this line, this serious chunk of toy is nearly 12" tall and 8" wide. And he lights up and talks, and shoots projectiles- I am entertained! Officially my first real action figure "vehicle" purchased in my adulthood... BITCHIN'!!



  1. Proto Bat Bot was from one of my favorite episodes of the season with Adam West doing that sweet robot's voice. And how can we ever thank those creators for finally making Aquaman cool. I love the way he is bigger than life and brags about every adventure he has been on. Great share.

  2. Nice haul! I still need that GA. And yes, Proto-Bat voiced by Adam West was pretty sweet! Neat toy!

  3. Man, I just love Proto Bat Bot :) everything else is equally wicked!!!