Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman!

It's time for another episode of Hey, Mr. PostMa'am here at The Super-DuperToyBox... yes I said PostMa'am, because in reality the postal worker who brings my toys is an Attrative, Lean Blonde with a voice so soft that Angels would dare not speak in front of her- I swear! And she brings me toys :D

*Deluxe Total Armor Twin Turbo Blue Beetle! There are other Blue Beetle figures in the Brave & The Bold toy line by Mattel, but this is the deluxe model. He shoots projectiles  :D

*Deluxe Total Armor Mechanical Claw (Metal Men)! This is clearly Iron of the Metal Men- I'm unsure why they didn't put that on the package. There is also a Gold from Metal Men is the Brave & The Bold toy line that comes with a Starro. I love the dark cobalt color and wrench attachment on this guy! FUN!

*Brave & The Bold Batmobile vehicle! I was really jazzed to get this- I feel it's a hallmark of sorts buying my first vehicle here at the Super-DuperToyBox. I love the design of this toy so much that I could not resist! There are other more decked out versions in this line, but I wanted the 2009 original version- just the car! I scored it for under $15.00, too (price included shipping)! Oh, Glorious Day! That's gonna make for some fun pictures...

Thank you for coming to this happy place where we have FUN and play with TOYS :)

More to come later!
Don't grow up while I'm gone...


  1. That Batmobile is perfectly scaled for the Fisher Price Imaginext figures, which you will soon get and become hooked to. So sayeth the all seeing eye of BubbaShelby ;)

  2. LOL! Batman actually fits in that thing- I couldn't believe it when I first saw it :D

  3. CONGRATS on your first vehicle, and the BATMOBILE at that haha my kind of guy - I'm loving all these pictures and posts. The Brave and Bold toys are not available here :(

  4. Bubba is correct on the Batmobile and Imaginext figures. : )