Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Mattel ShadowTek/EXP...

I've really been dragging my feet about posting the rest of these Mattel ShadowTek/EXP figures from The Batman animated show, so let's stop here and look at them for minute, m'kay?

*The Batman Extreme Power Camo Tech BatmanI love this! I used to find it annoying when they'd dress Batman in some color other than his traditional black, blue, or grey- now I like it, oddly enough... especially in green.  This goes back to my obsession with Batman as Green Lantern, which I (laughs) cannot explain. The power key is inserted into the weapon, which discharges the grapnel. Not nearly as cool nor as effective as the projectiles that the Brave & The Bold Series are outfitted with, unfortunately. Still, I enjoy the angular styling of these figures, and hey- they do have articulated knees. I like Batman's Endor fatigues here, though the hood of his cloak covers his face a bit much when pulled over his ears- check out his gnarly forearm blades/fins- KickAss!

*The Batman Extreme Power Ultimate Defender BatmanAgain, some of the toys from this line after the animated TV series are "EXP" and some are called "ShadowTek". If you are doing a search for them check both to make sure you are getting the best deal. In my humble opinion, I feel this is one of the best looking Batman action figures ever made- yup, this "kiddie toy" version looks that cool/iconic/slick to me. I admire the way they styled The Batman's cowl here here with the big, slanted eye slits & short ears, but I have yet to get that weapon to do diddly-squat... it looks like it (laughs) should do something...

*The Batman ShadowTek Martian Manhunter!
Like Firefly and Hawkman from this series, Martian Manhunter is a ShadowTek, not an EXP. I scored him loose, and he seems somewhat rare among his fellows for whatever reason. His coloring is very subdued, olive tones for a J'onn J'onnz figure- you never see that, making him a standout among my Martian Manhunter toys. One of his pantslegs is longer than the other LOL!

It's hard to believe how few of these I've found out there, and most have been more expensive than I'm willing to justify, so I won't likely be getting a lot more of them. I'm not willing to go above what I'd pay for  the typical Brave & The Bold action figure (ten bucks or less), because in spite of their additional knee articulation they just aren't really better.


  1. That Batman ShadowTek Martian Manhunter looks GREAT :) nice score

  2. Damn, that was fast, Alex- you are really paying attention! You're one of my best :)
    Yes, I kinda like this version of J'onn, even if his pantslegs are (laughs) different lengths- poor refugee, he is :D

  3. I will keep my eye out for these my way Super-D and grab any for you i think you might want or need buddy. : )

  4. Thanks JBoy... mmm, gotta send ya sumthin'! Soon, soon!

  5. My Hawkman ShadowTek arrived today and I love him. I would not have known about him if not for you site. I am in seach of the Firefly and the Martian Manhunter. I don't like the Batman variations but these side figures are terrific. Great photographs as always.

  6. Great! I highly reccomend Firefly, Kal- he's REALLY cool! Thanx!