Monday, April 4, 2011

Retro-Action Flash & Captain Cold!

I scored a couple more of Mattel's 8" DC Retro-Action dollies action figures last week, two that I couldn't resist: Flash and Captain Cold! The colorful outfits on these two make for a great hero/villain combo! I bought six of these when I started this blog six months ago, and seeing these on the pegs at Toys 'R Us was too much to resist. Like many of us of a certain vintage, my love for these goes back to my childhood Mego World's Greatest Superhero dolls, now lost to time and rigorous play.

Unlike the original Megos, these Mattels have an assortment of differently styled boots across the line, Flash sporting his own winged variety with saw-tooth tread. Very Cool! It seems as though Mattel has largely solved the pelvic issues earlier toys in this line suffered from, unfortunately they are still difficult to pose due to the rubber band construction for the torso and hips. A child, however, would not be concerned by this- they would more likely be playing with the toy. I love the bright happy colors and smile on Flash's face- this is a FUN toy!

Like Two-Face, Captain Cold is a standout in this line of toys due to his excellently styled outfit- a triumph, I say! The blue fabric even feels retro! Like the Flash, Captain Cold has his own, individually-styled boots, his with icicle pattern around the tops.

A lot of these Mattel dollies come with no accessories, but Captain Cold comes with his trademark freeze gun, which neatly holsters into the substantial belt they gave him. He doesn't grip it very well, but I appreciate that it's molded in magenta plastic, adding to they playful look of this retro toy.

I've really enjoyed this line of toys, and  eagerly await the release of the Sinestro Corps Sinestro and Jon Stewart Green Lantern (which has an afro!) coming out in the next couple months. Unfortunately, these, along with a Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner Green Lanterns will be sold only at Matty Collector's website, and on seperate occasions so I can be fleeced for shipping twice. The price of these seem a little high at twenty buck a pop, though my friends overseas probably (laughs) don't want to hear about that! Why Batman came without a grapple hook and batarangs is beyond my understanding. And couldn't they have fiven Two-Face a couple .45 Magnums? But does it matter really matter to Mattel when people like myself will buy them? And while Mattel got a few things wrong with these, they did a lot right as well, including keeping the spirit of those old Megos intact with styling and packaging- and that's what I came for, Kids  :)

*Read Poe Ghostal's review of these action figures at Points of Articulation!


  1. Am liking the Flash here but Captain is just ok to me.

  2. You finally caved and bought this GREAT pair :) NICE pics

  3. Awesome post and great pics. Absolutely love these figures, especially, Captain Cold and The Flash is almost what I think he would look like if Mego had produced him.

  4. Day-um! I want some! If only the shipping wasn't an arm and a leg.

    Hey Alex, are these availible in Singapore?

  5. No, I believe Alex had his shipped in... I shudder to think what that cost*