Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Stranger

Here's my submission for the ChunkyB's Cantina Crawl pics!

"The Stranger"
I waited until the last minute on Chunky B's assignment, of course, and started assembling a makeshift cantina on the fly when I got home from band practice at 10:30pm on Tuesday night. Everything was going okay, but nothing really exciting was happening until I saw Martian Manhunter up on the shelf in my toy vault. My favorite alien! He was grossly out of scale with my vintage Star Wars figures, but when I put him into my little diorama, something  kinda fun happened. It looked so (laughs) ridiculous that it worked :D  I was really proud that Chunky said it was his favorite, because as usual everyone did a great job! I love doing this with everyone- Thanks ChunkyB!

And now some outtakes from my photo session:



  1. AWESOME diorama Super-D i absolutely LURVE it haha u have a knack for putting together interesting shots that draw viewers right into your world and this is another one of those THANKS for sharing

  2. I like your creativity on the Diorama but somehow Jabba the Hut should be on the platform. Feel funny that he is on the ground. LOL

  3. Some great pictures Super-D.: )

  4. Awesome pics! I missed the deadline to enter which makes me appreciate your work here even more!

  5. Thanx Gents!
    LEon- Jabba would be on the platform at his Palace... the band would be onstage at the Cantina :)

  6. Ha ha! The outtakes complete the story! Those are just as awesome.