Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DC Action League: Firestorm Vs. Deathstorm!

Another from the first wave of DC Action League 2-packs, Firestorm Vs. Deathstorm! I had mentioned before that this seemed to be the pegwarmer at my local Wal-Mart, and I'm unsure why because they are so cool with their mirror poses and translucent, flaming heads. Another interesting and contemporary choice for  this series of Mattel toys, pairing Deathstorm from the Blackest Night/Brightest Day story arcs with Firestorm.

Though the articulation is limited to the head, shoulders, and waist on these toys, they are a lot of fun to keep on the desk to play with. The "squared off" designs, bright colors, unusual character choices, and affordability appeal to me greatly.

And now some group shots just for fun  :D

More Later- Keep Having FUN!

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  1. Looks like all of these little figures are ready for action!