Thursday, May 26, 2011

DC Direct Deluxe 1:6 Green Lantern Corps Figure

There has been a recent deluge of Green Lantern toys coming out in anticipation of this summer's highly anticipated motion picture, but none have interested me quite as much as DC Direct's Deluxe 1:6 Green Lantern Corps Figure from 2008. I'd seen him many times on eBay going for way more than I'd be willing to pay, but eventually I won him for around the same price he was initially sold for ($99.95). I'm rarely showing you anything unique here at the Super-DuperToyBox, and often it's a toy that might be old news to many of you, but this one & the recent DCD Sinestro I got are a serious purchase for me. These DC Direct figures aren't close to the level of artistry a Hot Toys or Medicom 1:6 figure features, but are definitely head & shoulders above most all the other action figures I have, and I really like 'em!

Like the other DC Direct Deluxe figures I bought, Green Lantern came packaged in this handsome 4-color window box with a fifth panel, and included an extra sets of hands, three alternate GL Corps heads (one with a helmet), a display stand, and working lantern. While I'm unsure these DC Direct 1:6 dolls are really worth a hundred bucks, the extra accessories made the price tag more acceptable in my book...

This was a hard-won victory in more than one way for me: I had initially won the first release of DC Direct's 1:6 Hal Jordan (without the extra heads), which arrived with a damaged arm, water damaged box, and defunct lantern (with a severely corroded battery cavity)! As luck would have it, upon returning the damaged goods, I stumbled onto this superior 2nd release version for the same price: $105.00, shipping included. I knew then, (laughs) I was truly meant to get him!

I have more than a couple friends who have an extreme distaste for Hal Jordan, a sentiment I do not share. Hal is my Green Lantern- who comes to mind when I think of the title. As Dan from The Fantasy Shop poignantly reminded me just this past weekend, as a GL Corpsman, Hal was chosen for duty because he is fearless- his cocksure attitude is part of the package, as with fellow Lanterns Guy Gardner & John Stewart. How else would he be?

But it doesn't stop with Hal Jordan, three additional heads are included with this figure:
Tomar-Re, pivotal Honor Guard Member and one of the first to guide Hal Jordan as a rookie Lantern...

 NautKeLoi, an aquatic being (hence the protective helmet), and one of the first Green Lanterns chosen by the Guardians... my favorite of the extra heads :D

Abin Sur, predecessor of Green Lantern Hal Jordan, and mentor of Sinestro. My googly-eyed least favorite of the four heads in this package, Abin appears to be suffering from optical-poptitude here...  ???

And now,  my newest 1:6 additions to the Super-DuperToyBox, together- what a FUN pair! They are perhaps the best money can buy currently, and I am most grateful to have the pair for a total of about $150.00 combined- less than if I had bought them on their initial release dates. Not incredible, but not bad...

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  1. I've still got my extra heads in a bin somewhere. Perhaps one day I'll think of something to do with them. Perhaps.

  2. Now this has to be the best looking GL figure i have ever seen.

  3. That's a lotta dolly heads! The fishy one is the best.

  4. Great things come to those that wait! Hal Jordan is my Green Lantern as well, but awesome score. These guys look great. It would be cool to get extra bodies to use with the other heads and have an incredible start to a GL corp set.

  5. I liked that they included the extra heads :) more play value that way. My favorite is NautKeLoi, after Hal Jordan, of course. NautKeLoi reminds me a lot of Abe Sapien from Hellboy

  6. love the cool lighting effects on this one! still love the kenner super powers hal version best... although this is very handsome!