Sunday, May 8, 2011

Free Comic Book Day Haul!

It was a beautiful Mother's Day weekend here in Missouri, and before I headed out to the country to visit the folks, I hit up The Fantasy Shop for their 30th Anniversary back issue sale on Free Comic Book Day! The place was jammed!

I loved seeing young kids at the comic shop-they are our future!  Manager Scott Samson was there advising them on all the great stuff The Fantasy Shop had to offer, and what each of the large selection of free comics had to offer...

Sammie rings up my pile of comics at the register- don'tcha love babes that are into comics? Look at that cute smile, such a nice kid  :)

She was ringing up over forty Brightest Day Justice League Generation Lost and Brightest Day Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, & Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors, along with a few GL one shots I found and a couple Green Lantern buttons (gotta show your flair, Sammie would!). For my three freebies I chose a Green Lantern Spec. Ed. (which had a Flashpoint preview), a Captain America/Thor Mighty Fighting Avengers team up, and a Young Justice/Batman: The Brave & The Bold sampler that I loved!At thirty cents each for back issues, this heap of good reading only set me back about sixteen bucks...

And while I was at K-Mart picking out some roses to plant for Mum after church on Sunday, I found a few more of those cute little Imaginext toys- Mr. Freeze, Penguin, and Joker! Love!

*Check out Samson's podcast, ComicDorksCast!


  1. Sadly I missed FCBD this year. Thankfully my brother got me a stack of freebies.

  2. I actually went into a comic book store for the first time that day.

    The first shop didn't give me a free comic book but I bought a couple of things.
    The second shop we could get two free ones each, I got the Young Justice/Batman: Brave and the Bold sampler and the Blackest Night one and my stepdad got the Green Lantern one and the Blackest Night one. Whoopsies! ><
    Then I bought a oneshot and a trade from there.

    I spent all my money but at least I'm not longer too shy to go into a Comic Book Store!

  3. One of the great things about living in New York City is Free Comic Book Day. My wife and I hit four Manhattan stores (all easily within walking distance) and wound up with 43 free unique issues (including a handful of back issues the stores handed out) and more than 30 duplicates to give to our friends.

  4. Cool store! I hope to catch up the blackest night series first. LOL Very outdated

  5. Looks like it was a great weekend for you Super-D.

    I stopped out at one of our local Comic Book shops this weekend and the power went out in the store! Doh no free comics lol.

  6. Oh NO, JBoy! That SUCKS! Yees I had a wonderful time,sounds like Erin & Rouise did okay, too-
    Rouise- I'm glad you did that! Don't be shy about it- it's FUN and it's for people of all ages to enjoy :)