Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday Night DC Action League Rescue

I passed up these DC Action League at my local Wal-Mart for the last time! They were way to cheap, fun, cute, and downright cool, to not rescue from the pegs. And I'd been eyeing them for months. Passing them by at most Targets and Toys 'R Us as well, I had even stopped to fondle them on more than one occasion. Enough is enough, time to party. 

White Lantern Sinestro Vs. Green Lantern (obviously Hal)
This one in particular was really begging to go home with me for awhile, and he was the last one on the pegs at my local Wal-Mart tonight. I'm seriously into Green Lantern right now, having read a couple Blackest Night books this past winter, Tales of the Sinestro Corps after that, and am in the middle of The Sinestro Corps War right now.

The Flash Vs. Captain Boomerang
This was the last of his set on the pegs, as well. Like a lot of DC characters, I've appreciate the Flash more as an adult than I did as a child. He played a big part in Blackest Night and several other of the TPBs I've been reading, and his moment to shine is nigh with the upcoming Flashpoint series. I had never heard of Boomerang, until I read Identity Crisis in February, but Mattel did a good job on this one.

DeathStorm Vs. Firestorm
Oddly, this set seems to be the pegwarmer in this wave -they are so cool with their translucent flaming heads, too! Again, it's cool to see such interesting casting in this line, and from recent story arcs. Alex Teo was on the money when he said I would love these!

"Small Heroes. BIG Attitude", indeed! These weren't too steep in price at $6.97 each, making it relatively affordable to quickly amass a heap of fun :D  I'm already busting these fun toys out of their plastic prisons, so you'll see more pictures later. Gonna have to keep an eye peeled for the next wave of these due in June!

Have a FUN Weekend!


  1. haha I just knew you couldn't pass up on these - they are way too cute and way too much FUN! And FUN is what defines you, Super-D. Thanks for posting pictures of these, they are simple DC-licious XD
    BTW how's the size compared to all the other figures? perhaps a picture of the various Hal Jordan GLs are in order heh heh Have a GREAT weekend, Colin!

  2. Love these things. Sorry to see you didn't wind up taking home one of the Superman/Bizarro packs: that was the best of the wave.

  3. Great grabs Super-D now go get that "non-killer" Croc for the Imaginext line. : )

  4. Alex- they're a little shorter than the the Imaginext figures- about 2 1/2"
    Erin- Yes, I have seen that Superman/Bizzarro set, very cool. Although, I must say the Sinestro/Green Lantern set are my favorite
    JBoy- wonder if Croc is still there? :D