Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Who better to represent the troops this Memorial Day on The Super-DuperToyBox than Captain America himself?!

I got this Marvel Famous Covers Captain America by Toybiz last year, and had yet to properly photograph him. I have several of these 9" dollies from the 90's, and while they got a lot of criticism, I think they're great! Their fabric outfits remind me of my beloved Mego figures from the 70's- my favorite toys of my childhood memory.

I may not always agree with all of America's policies, foreign or domestic, but I do believe in the men & women who sacrifice their lives every day serving in our armed forces. Because of them, I can live in safety and freedom here in the land I love- and I truly appreciate that!

*Thomas Wheeler's Flashback Review of the Toybiz Famous Cover's Series.
*8" Mego Captain America from 1974 at The Mego Museum!
*12" Mego Captain America from 1979 at The Mego Museum!


  1. He looks great! Can't wait for the Captain America movie.

  2. Nice figure buddy but man that star on his chest looks over sized lol.

  3. Yeah the star is too big, his head is a tad too small, his face has an extreme expression on it, and his body is a bit too steroided up, of coarse Cap was the first super hero that I can think of that was created through steroids. Anyway all of these faults that have been complained about on the internet, are what make this Cap toy unique, and really fun, and the colors are also quite nice, and if I had received this toy as a child, I would have absolutely loved it.

    Hopefully this is not a double post as it is my first time here.

    By the way, love the site, and the wonderful pictures, keep up the great work.