Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman!

A nice eBay haul came in the mail yesterday! As you might have suspected, it was full of more of those great DC Action League figures I've been posting about  :D

John Stewart Vs. Atrocitus:

Prometheus Vs. Green Arrow:

 Low Vs. Tomar-Re:

Batman Vs. The Joker:

AND... from the Batman: The Brave & The Bold Action League Series
Dr. Fate Vs. Wotan:

As usual, I was too slow on the draw to catch these new in stores, yet lucked out on eBay, not paying much more than they originally retailed for, even when including shipping. I had walked past most all of these in recent past, shamefully not recognizing how fun & collectible they really are. Wonderful toys, Kids! I also scored a Brave & The Bold Action League Series Batman Vs. Etrigan that should be here soon. Until then, remember: Play With Toys & Have FUN With Your Life!


  1. The thing that i kind of laugh about with that Green Arrow set is that didn't Green Arrow kill Prometheus? And they are selling those two in a set for kids? lol. I guess if you don't know it won't hurt you right? : D

  2. yeah... whoops :D there was some violence in comics when i was a kid, like when Joker murderes Jason Todd... pretty harsh. these are all wrapped up in fun cuteness, though LOL

  3. Those Action League are pretty damn funky!