Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Imaginext Batman & Robin w/Cycles

When BubbaShelby first predicted I would fall for the Imaginext DC Superfriends series, I didn't take it all that seriously- yes I loved the Flash/Hawkman set he picked up on Valentine's Day, but it sort of fizzled there... until I saw the Robin w/cycle. Suddenly my interest was reignited. This toy, however, had already come & gone- I was late for the dance again! I found him online, but sellers wanted far more than I thought the toy was worth. My luck changed when I suddenly found him a couple weeks ago at a South County Toys 'R Us for a more reasonable $6.99.

I had passed on the Batman w/cycle at a local Target for $6.49 the night before I saw Robin- I wasn't really looking for him and had mistakenly thought he was a pegwarmer. I circled back around to get him after I found Robin, realizing that the Batman w/cycle was also somewhat scarce around town as well. So cute!

I like these little cycles, and am particularly infatuated with the color scheme the folks at Fisher-Price designed Robin's cycle with. The flat wheels help them stand upright, though they can somewhat easily be tipped over. The figures hold onto the bike handlebars pretty easily.

Batman came with two batarangs, as though you were mean't to buy him and Robin together. I hadn't noticed before, but Robin has no cape- nor is he shown with one on any promotional photos, or on the back of the box. These figures are really tiny, measuring about 2.5" tall, so they have really simple articulation. That said, I was surprised at the ball/hinge joint at the shoulders- certainly easier to whip a batarang with!

These are "kiddie" toys, yes- but they are fun and super-cute! Bubba was right about me again- I did in fact take to these great little superhero toys. They didn't put me back too much, and it's rare to get a Batman & Robin with matching cycles... when has that ever happened?

More Later- Keep Having FUN!


  1. Alright! The Dynamic Duo now have Matching Motorbikes, making them Colorful Crusaders haha I'm so PUNny ;p

  2. Hahah I knew it!

    The lack of a cape is what has held me back the few times I saw Robin in stores. I kind of regret it because now he's tough to find, but I still hold out hope that he's released with a cape at some point (or I find him for cheap and get over my cape issue ;) )

  3. Sweet! I love that first picture of the Dynamic Duo together. : )