Saturday, May 14, 2011

Imaginext Villains!

Let's stop and take a look at the Imaginext villains I picked up at K-Mart  last weekend. At $5.99 each, I proclaim these wonderful toys a solid value:

Mr. Freeze
I was hooked on this one the minute I saw him- Fisher Price nailed it, and I love the icebox that he came with...

The icebox opens with a small lever, where you can put another Imaginext figure "on ice"! Hmmm... looks like this hero has been flash-frozen  :D

Oswald Cobblepot comes with a couple penguins in this set, the one on his belly even sporting a wheel to roll on, as well as an articulated neck. The umbrella-driven flight pack spins when the button on the side is pressed- I love a toy with an action feature!

Joker w/Mallet Car
This is a really hilarious toy- the mallet is triggered by the orange button on the side of the car, and it really slaps down hard  :D   Joker & Penguin are really tied to my childhood memories due to the Batman television show with Cesar Romero & Burgess Meredith as the classic Gotham villains, and my old Mego Penguin/Joker dolls. Good times...

The mallet car's door is hinged at the top, like a Delorean, and shares Joker's same loud color scheme... Again, extremely cute and lotsa fun  :D

Remember: Play With TOYS and Have FUN With Your Life!


  1. So much fun in such a tiny package! We need more of these to be made - heroes and villains and girl ones too! (A Catwoman is planned but who knows if it will see release anytime soon)

  2. My favorite is definitely Mr Freeze :) wicked cool

  3. yes, Freeze is obviously the coolest literaly & figuratively :D