Thursday, June 30, 2011

4" Iron Man 2 Fusion Armor Iron Man & Air Assault Drone by Hasbro

I saw these a K-Mart and thought they'd go well with the other Marvel Universe figures I picked up. The nice lady checking me out noticed the SKU# marked out on the Fusion Armor Iron Man's package and thought it must be clearance. I told her it was priced $6.99 like the other toy, but she insisted on calling toys to find out. When no one answered, she just gave me 30% off! "Thank You!"

These figures came with stands featuring a slotted tray that holds a 3-part pseudo-technical transparency detailing different portions of the character's armor. Children might like this kind of extra- makes it a little more fun, though the slots don't hold the cards separately very well.

I purchased the Air Assault Drone only because I was impressed with his heft- he was bigger than all the rest, and so I felt I'd really be getting a good value for my money- and who doesn't like a "big" robot, right? I've had a problem properly aligning his elbow joints to make his forearms match up with his upper arms, and his joints suffer mildly from his weight- he's not quite as stable as the other figure. Still, it's amazing they can put such detail in such a small figure

My favorite of these two is definitely the Fusion Armor Iron Man! I love his color, and he comes with a hand cannon that rocks hard (careful, you'll shoot your eye out)!

He lacks very little of the articulation that the Marvel Universe Iron Patriot enjoys- he can't look straight up, nor does he have the cut thigh joints like I.P., though his profile is more sleek...

I already have a blue Marvel Select Stealth Armor Iron Man that I (laughs) STILL haven't opened, so that's kinda fun... you know how I love to play BIG Toy /Little Toy  :D   I believe there is an actual 4" "Stealth" Iron Man in the Marvel Universe line of figures, but the price on this Fusion Armor Iron Man was too good to pass up. I should swing by K-mart again this weekend and look closer at what they have left of this line of Iron Man 2 action figures- they are COOL!

More Later- Keep Having FUN!


  1. That Air Drone does have some "heft" looks like something out of the Space Hulk/War Hammer games.

  2. I'm also jealous that you found the air drone!