Friday, June 3, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman!

No, I didn't get some new shoes from Zappos, though by all accounts they make a quality product- yes, I DID get some toys in the mail!

A couple weeks back after having purchased a Mattel Retro-Action Sinestro at Toys 'R Us, I stumbled upon a Sinestro/Green Lantern set from this series on eBay up for bid at a reasonable price! A couple folks were going back & forth, edging the price up bit by bit, but I sniped the set at the last few seconds for $41.00, shipping included! That's slightly better than if I'd bought them retail w/tax- not incredible, but pretty good considering how hard it is to find the Hal Jordan Green Lantern for around twenty bucks. As always, I had kept my TRU receipt, so I returned the other Sinestro. Victory is Mine!

ALSO... A couple weeks ago I won a mini-mate from the boys at The Articulated Monster podcast for sending in a listener question. James e-mailed a week after, saying his postage was inadequate, and that he would send it again...
...well, it came... with the envelope slashed & the said figure missing!  While stealing toys is a dastardly deed, I did laugh out loud  :D  The thief left the cards James sent in the envelope! Oh well. DO get over and give The Articulated Monster a listen- I find it amusing/fun listening to the guys talk about toys, and sending in listener questions might win you a PRIZE!

And finally... I've heard a lot of cryin' about DC Comics giving the whole Universe a reboot- Good Grief! Like that hasn't happened before. Who cares?? What if it's great??  Why don't you take a minute to read my friend John's comparison of the situation to the book "Who Moved My Cheese" over at the The Batcave Toy Room. John, you're wonderful! That's the kind of attitude I like- positive one!  Change is often difficult, and people don't like it- it's inevitable & unavoidable however, so you try embracing it. Don't worry about it- look at this bitchin' new picture of Wonder Woman instead!

Have FUN With Your Life- You'll Live Longer!


  1. I'm personally excited to get my daughter started on Wonder Woman #1, and the word is out that Barbara Gordon will be back as Batgirl!
    You take the good,
    you take the bad,
    you take 'em both
    and there you have
    the facts of comic book collecting!

  2. Awesome double score. I am still jealous of your Green Lantern. Thanks for the honorable mention on the DC Comic shake up.

    Oh and in regard to BubbaShelby's comment above, it's awesome your daughter is part of the club. Mine's only 17 months, but loves hanging out in the toy room and watching classic Batman with me. Isn't life grand.

  3. You men are raising 'em right! GLAD to see it :)

  4. Mego style Hal Jordan for the win Super D!