Friday, June 17, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman!

I've been finding some cool stuff online, and yesterday a bunch of it came in! So it's time for another rousing edition of Hey, Mr. Postman! here at The Super-DuperToyBox:

*Hot Wheels Arkham Asylum Batmobile
I won this killer Hot Wheels Batmobile on a comment contest at my cyber-homie Reis' Hey! Look At My Toys! blog!  I love Reis' toy blog, and his video posts are laugh-out-loud funny! The man's unbridled enthusiasm for toys is peerless! Thanks a lot, Reis- the post-it art slayed me :D  ...this will go great with the other Hotwheels Batmobile JBoy sent me :)

*Imaginext Batmobile w/Lights & Disc Shooter
While on the subject of Batmobiles... My pal BubbaShelby knows exactly what it takes to get me to throw down, and when he alerted me to the existence of this darling Batmobile, it was only a matter of time. I got this directly from the Fisher-Price website- shipping was reasonable, and the service was great. Thanks Bubba, I didn't need that twelve dollars anyway  :D

*Imaginext Catwoman w/Cycle
BubbaShelby is ALSO responsible for this sweet Imaginext Catwoman w/Cycle, also purchased at Fisher-Price's website. The man combed the internet for weeks until discovering it's availability at the said toy manufacturer's online store- if it's out there, he will find it. My entire obsession of this extremely cute toy line is Bubba's doing  :D

*DC Superfriends Aquaman & Hawkman
It's difficult to pinpoint exactly when I "discovered" these chunky action figures from 2007-2009, though I remember the Hawkman from Bubba's Toyriffic blog (big surprise).  A couple months ago I saw a video review of some on YouTube, and went mad/on a full-time search for the Superman variant with red sleeves. While searching/discovering what they were, I found some others I liked as well. FUN! I know these are old news to many of you, but remember I've only been doing this nine months, so these are as "new" to me as the recent Imaginext Batmobile & Catwoman. The Hawkman on the left was a MattyCollector exclusive, by the way, featuring black pants & brown mask...

I'll be posting pictures of the Imaginext Batmobile & Catwoman w/Cycle this weekend, so stay tuned!

More Later- Have a Great Weekend!


  1. What a awesome haul Super D congrats!

  2. As you might imagine, I was up very late last nite playing with my toys :D

  3. I love that Hawkman (although my version is the classic costume version) - he's so happy! Ironically I never did dip deep into that series, I never even got Batman from it!