Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Toys From My Childhood: Masters of The Universe

My brother & I had an impressive collection of Masters of The Universe toys back in the early 80's. It's sad to see there isn't much left of them, but it's only because they were really played with by us and then the neices and nephew, and whoever other friend's children came around after we had moved out. And that makes me happy :)

BattleCat was awesome- he had no articulation, but the sculpt is great! Mine has the tip of the tail snapped off, and his armor has some fading/discoloration. He was definitely played with. His gnarly coloring & armor design is proof at how trippy this toy line was!


The beefy blue guy atop BattleCat isn't He-Man- that's Faker, He-Man's "evil twin", created by his arch nemesis Skeletor! He outlived both my He-Man figures  :D  He didn't have blue skin or funky orange armor in the single episode of the animated 80's television show by Filmation in which he appeared.

Man-E-Faces was an example of some of the fun , imaginative character design with this toy line, with the ability to change his faces from a human face to a monster face to a robot face by twisting the dial atop his head...

Next up is my favorite of these- Jitsu, who like Faker, appeared only once in the cartoon, and with no character development at all. According to Wikipedia, his name was "Chopper" in the script, but he was never called by name, nor did he have his famous golden hand...

I always liked this toy because I could remove the hand  :D

Mattel is making a killing off the new Masters of the Universe Classics, which looks totally awesome... and somewhat expensive. And if you miss out on MattyCollector's release of these, you will pay even more on the secondary market, many single figures running from $40.00- $60.00 each! People are going bonkers for them! In the 80's they were a BIG deal, too- we had many of the figures, a few of the vehicles, and even a Castle Greyskull playset. They were FUN toys that bring back good memories!

*He-Man.Org... the name says it all


  1. NICE toys ;p glad you had a FUN childhood - those must have been GREAT times, only superceded by EVEN BETTER times NOW!!! What FUN we are having, what a BLAST haha

  2. How awesome is this. I love toys that have survived a collectors childhood. I was almost bitten by the He-Man bug back in the day, but Batman and Star Wars overrode that part of my toy collection. Thanks for sharing this great find.

  3. I love all of those Super-D! He-man is a awesome combo of sword and Sci-Fi which has always had a appealed to me. And that Battle-Cat is in fantastic shape too heck they all are. : )

  4. I've always loved the original MOTU. I have more of them in my collection now than I ever did as a kid haha! And that includes having gotten rid of a lot of them over the past couple years! I even have two Castle Greyskulls!

    I think I have a problem ;)

  5. Colin i sent you a email related to this post did you get it?

  6. Yes- I did :) Got there faster than I thought! Ha Ha Sorry- total craziness last 24hrs :D

  7. No worries i just wanted to say Thank You and i will be posting about the stuff you sent soon as well as doing a YouTube video on my channel about it as well. : )